Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Whenever I go to the Philippines, it is a must to-do for me to visit UP. For over four/ undegrad years, I stayed in the premier university. And now that I'm taking my Masters Degree, I'm still affiliated with UP. That's through their Open University.

Recently, I visited UP to not only take a walk and visit some spots (insert reminisce mode). I also conducted some research and interviews for my thesis. Apart from hanging out in UP Mass Communication Library, I also got the chance to interview Professor Danilo Arao regards my thesis on blogging as a form of cyberactivism.

Actually, I was to meet Amer and Elmi at UP in one of my itineraries. Apparently, Amer was nowhere to be found. So end up, it was just me and Elmi.

Elmi and I enjoyed the tusok-tusok experience at UP. If you're a true blue UPian, you should know what I'm talking about. Yes, we gave in for a fish ball treat.

As we devour the 10 pesos meal, we exchanged lots of stories ranging from office brouhahas, personal adventures and even love life. Since we're already in UP, we didn't much about academic. We thought that it would be redundant! lol

Elmi and I also had the chance to visit the ever popular RODICS! Famous for its tapsilog (Tapa + Egg + Rice), Rodics is located at Shopping Centre. The cost of the Tapsilog is more or more less than 3 dollars. On the side, we also tried the Fried Tawilis!

On a different day, I also had the chance to go back in Rodics. I was in UP then to photocopy a book on Blogging. So while I was waiting for the copy to be done, I opted to dine in at Rodics. This time, I tried the Tocilog (Tocino + Egg + Rice). Again, it was a gastronomic treat!

Perhaps you may be wondering, what does UP Diliman have that keep its graduates coming back? Now, let me pinpoint some of the reasons.

(1) Jogging. If you live nearby UP Diliman, you may opt to venture into a jog at the Academic Oval. When Elmi and I went to UP, we saw a lot of people jogging in the oval. Young or old, sporty and fun-lovers, man and woman: they are just there to enjoy a healthy run.

As much as we wanted to take a few runs, we opted not to. That's because our MOUTHS were running in chikaaaaaas!

(2) Rodics. If you really want to enjoy a gastronomic and budget-friendly delights, just go to Rodics. It's a must to try their Tapsilog. *drool*

(3) Chocolate Kiss. If you're up for some cozy dining hub, better visit Chocolate Kiss. From pasta to desserts, you'll definitely walk away with a happy tummy! Plus, their menu offers a superb value for money. On the side, you can check out some paintings that are for sale in a nearby gallery.

(4) Sunken Garden. If you're looking for a relaxing spot at UP Diliman, you may want to hang around in the Sunken Garden. Whether you are alone or with someone, the refreshing air and the lush scenery would be there to calm your wandering self.

(4) Alumni Relations. Recently, I discovered that UP now offers a UP Alumni ID. Apart from recognizing UP graduates, the ID is packed with privileges. Now, I have to find out.

On the other hand, apart from getting connected with UP Alumni Relations, what's more enjoyable with one's visit at UP is the nostalgia of yesteryears! Imagine, you get to see and meet your professors once again (terror or not); you get to chit chat with old classmates who are now working at UP; you get to stroll in common places you used to hang out in with your blockmates or friends; and you get to remind yourself on how your UP Education transform your life, like forever!

(5) Fishball Stalls. Fishball stalls are just everywhere in UP. What's more interesting, it's cheap and really appetizing!

(6) Isaw Stalls. If you love eating chicken's blood, intestines and even its feet (adidas), well, the isaw stalls are a must visit for you.

(7) Shopping Centre. Whether you are up for computer rental, food tripping, to photocopy a book or simple up for some stroll while eating an ice cream, the shopping centre is the best place to be. You don't only get to reminisce (if you're a UP grad), you get to enjoy the cheap and good quality services and food.

(8) Pasalubong Escapade. Recently, some shops have been selling souvenir items. From shirts, jackets and as simple as ID laces, UP sells these products with a dash of UP signature. Most of the items are printed with texts like "Dugong Diliman," "UP Diliman," "UP Los Banos," "Diliman Republic," and a lot more. So whether you are a UP Alumni or not, these collector's items are just a must-buy! More or more, you can wear these items, loud and proud!

(9) International Food Hub. Believe it or not, there's already a Restaurant at UP that serves Koren and Japanese cuisine. It's found at the shopping centre. So, if you're craving for some Japanese rolls or Korean Kimbop, waltz in to shopping centre and go to Mashitta.

(10) Mang Jimmy's. A gastronomic experience at UP Diliman won't be complete without a stop-over at Mang Jimmy's. Known for its naguumapaw na kanin, Mang Jimmy's offers affordable and uber yummy dishes.

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