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On the day of my flight back to Brunei, my afternoon was spent in a instant visit at Emilio Aguinaldo’s house in Kawit Cavite. Actually, my family and I attended a birthday celebration in Cavite at Water Camp resort. And since we’re already in Kawit and the House of Aguinaldo was just on the side of the road where we drove, we then decided to have a quick stop over.

As we go inside, an old yet very perky man toured us in the house. Too bad, I didn’t get his name. But his energy was just unforgettable. He even threw some jokes as we dropped our jaws with surprise and discovery on the super old furniture in the house.

Big House. When I saw the house of Emilio Aguinaldo, I was amazed to finally see the image of a house that is painted in history books.It was indeed a majestic and historic treasure!

Old Tree. There was an old and big mango tree in the compound where the house is situated. The tour guide told us that the tree has been there since Aguinaldo’s time.

Kitchen. In the kitchen, we saw where they use traditional coals to cook food, a tube to heat water and the super old fridge.

Laundry Area. Believe it or not, the laundry area was found outside and looks like a deep well. And yes, washing clothes in a “washing machine” style is made manually. How? The person has to roll the clothes. I just don’t imagine how!

Hanging pictures. On the wall, there was a line-up of pictures. Apart from the family pictures, these pictures are the staff of Aguinaldo. Imagine, they just have to stand up underneath the image and they're aligned!

Five Peso Bill. Suddenly, I missed the five peso bill when I saw a set in Aguinaldo’s house. As a kid of the 80’s, the five peso bill can buy me a lot of stuff ranging from candies to even those one peso (hangin na hangin) chips in a nearby sari-sari store.

Windows. The windows of the house are just mesmerizing. Some are made of glass and some are of capiz. I especially love the patterns etched on the window side.

 The Himlayan.

Talking about vintage cars, Aguinaldo’s ride was well preserved. Parang na-imagine ko tuloy si Cate Winslet sa pelikulang Titanic!

The house of Aguinaldo is transformed as a Museum. Once you get inside, you will be welcomed with Aguinaldo’s bowling lane. As the tourist said, Aguinaldo loves to play bowling.

As you walk, you get to see dioramas, clothes, accessories, and government paraphernalia. See the KKK Flag?

Original and well-preserved KKK Flag!

The car's plate number!

Interesting, you get to see Aguinaldo’s office and his library.

In the other portion of the house, you get to see four rooms and Aguinaldo’s room (which was so huge – from the bedroom and to his toilet). Aguinaldo’s room even has a secret cabinet where he usually hide.

The curtains just give me more eerie feeling!

Apart from the hallways, there’s also the veranda where Aguinaldo used to hang around.

The medicine cabinet is not easy to find. It’s hidden in the wall along the hallway across the bedrooms.

Aguinaldo’s room has a secret passage to the swimming area. As per the tour guide, Aguinaldo loves to swim.
Stairs going to the pool.
This is where the swimming pool is situated.

Apart from the mesmerizing antique furniture, the ceilings are also etched with designs.

Overall, the tour was just informative. My family and I really enjoyed it.

However, during the duration of our tour, I kept scaring my brother. As a very visual and imaginative person, I was so crazy in imagining some ghoulish or eerie moments in the house of Aguinaldo.

Here are the TOP 10 Eerie imaginations that I had during our quick stop over in Aguinaldo’s House.

(1) Voices. Who wouldn’t think of voices coming from somewhere. Knowing that the house was a witness during wars, there’s no doubt that there are ghosts (lurking) inside the house.

(2) Reflections. Yes. As we pass by some big mirrors inside the house, I can’t stop telling my brother that a spirit might reflect in the mirror.

(3)  Closing Doors/Windows. Be it caused by the wind or something, I kept on pinching my brother’s elbow on something that I feel whenever some windows move. Plus, it's as if someone is watching over us!

(4) BADrooms. I just feel that someone was watching is when we passed by the bedrooms. Well not in Aguinaldo’s, but in the sisters room. 

(5) The FRIEDge. As much as I want to vomit (exag!), opening the old Fridge made my wild and eerie imagination skyrocketed. I just imagine the Shake, Rattle and Roll movie. Isang ref ang nangangain ng tao. And once you open it, a massacred body will pop out. 

(6) The Shrine. I just felt that a spirit could still be lurking in the Shrine. Not Aguinaldo’s spirit but perhaps the di-matahimik  na spirits of his military. 

(7) Old Tree. With my crazy imagination rolling, I felt that someone could be buried in the tree and will suddenly walk at night to haunt his/her killers. 

(8) Cabinets. With lots of cabinets inside the house, perhaps some could had been used to trap an enemy. And so, the haunting starts! 

(9) Toilet. I just felt scared when we checked some toilets. It’s like someone will pop out behind you as you wash your face and look in the mirror. 

(10) Follow. Who would want to be followed by a ghost? And so, I stopped imagining. Worse, the ghosts reflect in the pictures! Nyahahaha!

 Point is, TAKUTIN BA ANG SARILI! hahahaha!

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