Friday, May 27, 2011


I used to work as a writer and producer in ABS-CBN's At Home Ka Dito. To all my foreign readers, ABS-CBN is one of the television networks in the Philippines.

So, while I was browsing my old files, I saw a pile of pictures which I had with celebrities I worked with. Scroll down and you'll see.

Okay. Don't be surprised with the pictures. That's actually my FAT and STRESSED look. Thanks to realizing a balanced life, I'm now on my way to a healthy and sexy me! lhahaha. Take note that all shots were taken from 2004 to 2006.

That is BEFORE. And Now, here I am: (Feeling celebrity)

Hire me to be Talk Show Host! hahaha!

Angelica Panganiban. Working with Angelica Panganiban when we designed her room for At Home Ka Dito was fun. She was very accommodating and uber kalog.

Zsa Zsa Padilla. Despite the many achievements of the Divine Diva, she's very down to earth in person. Plus, she moves with absolute elegance. I also love the way she banters when we talk to her off cam.

Dolphy. He's very quiet but you'll feel her humble personality. Despite his age, he's still fun to be with especially with all his off cam jokes.

Karel Marquez. One of the hottest VJs in MYX before, Karel's personality is well reflected in her room. Plus, her mom Pinky was very accommodating during our home makeover in their house.

Arlene Muhlach. During our shoot in Arlene's house, we were fed with overflowing food. Plus, Arlene was very talkative in sharing stories about her cool personal life. I actually find her personality --- amusing!

Roxanne Guinoo. She's one of our co-hosts in At Home Ka Dito. What I like about Roxanne is her off cam sweetness. Plus, her Mom ( na tinatawag kong Tita dahil feeling close kaming mga staff) is just supportive.

Joross Gamboa. The partner of Roxanne in At Home Ka Dito, Joross is very energetic and oozing with kakulitan, which really helps in the flow of the show. At least, he throws in so much passion in what he loves doing - entertaining people!

Judy Ann Santos. Judy Ann is very fun to be with. She's easy to get along with and she's talks "gay." Apart from loudness, you'll be amazed with her discipline during shoots.

Nyoy Volante. I was impressed with Nyoy's collection of guitars. Plus, all his achievements in music were all displayed on his wall.  He's also versatile in major adjustments during shoots without giving you an "Hey, I'm tired!" attitude.

Kitchi Nadal. Working with Kitchie Nadal was my first ever segment in At Home Ka Dito. Despite my nervousness in interviewing her, she made me feel comfortable during the shoot and so I was able to extract the right answers to my list of questions. Indeed, she's smart!

Manny Pacquiao. Yes. I had a chance to work with Boxing Champ Pacquiao in a makeover segment. We redesigned their living room. I must say that Manny is humble.  Although he doesn't speak much, he's very accommodating.

Heart Evangelista. Despite her stature in life, she still blends well with the staff and crew of the show. In another network, I worked with Heart. She's the same jolly and perky girl!

Angelica dela Cruz. Beautiful and simply adorable, Angelica dela Cruz is very accommodating. She doesn't have the 'diva' factor.

Rachelle Ann Go. Rachelle knows how to play on and off cam. She's ready to roll when needed but she's also laid back during break time.

Erik Santos. I worked with Eric Santos since Star in a Million days. I must say, he's also down-to-earth and he's always ready during shoots. He studies his scripts well and he always show presence of mind.

Claudine Baretto. I just love interviewing Claudine. She's very natural and she knows what she wants to say.

Phoemela Barranda. One of the sexiest celebs we had in At Home Ka Dito, Phoemela is easy to talk with especially on script briefing or reading.

Aiza Seguerra. Indeed, she's gifted with genuine talent in music. Apart from her welcoming house, she's very understanding in some adjustments during shoots. Very flexible!

Charlene Gonzales. Of course, one of my favorite celebrities. Apart from her uber friendly personality, she makes you feel that you are loved and special as her staff. She even gives gifts or extends help to anyone who is in need.

But what I really miss about the show is my AT HOME KA DITO Family. Miss you all! =)

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