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In this highly computer-mediated era, everyone is actively engaged in social media sites: you are in Facebook; your friends are in Twitter; and your siblings are into microblogging. Apparently, the "generation Z" is not the only group that dominates social networking sites. Even your parents and grandparents are just hooked in exploring social media platforms.

With this reality, today, I have listed the TOP 10 (possible) reasons why some adults or kids do not want to add their parents in their online hubs, in particular, Facebook.

Now, let's start the ball, rolling!

1. "How can I play?"  Whether you're into Cityville or whatever games in Facebook, adding your parents in your list of online friends could be like a threat which may put your adventurous online and carefree spirit to its end.  Especially if you're a student, your parents (if they're in your list) can track you if you're playing during school days (while you are expected to study). End up, you get to be scolded and be nagged in real life. So to play "safe," some prefer not adding their folks in their online world.

2. Relationship Rockers. Some people prefer not putting their parents in their list because they want to hide their "status". Especially if they are a highschool student (or even those who are in elementary), Facebook can be an ally of some parents in catching their child's engagement with the opposite sex.

What's more, with a strict parent who may always be online and in your list, some may instantly change their status from "In a relationship" to "single" as to escape the nag or high-pitched preach.  So, in order to enjoy the freedom, some opt to just leave their parents out of their social networking sites.

3. I'm Different. With Social Networking sites, Parents can't track all your whereabouts. And if they're in the list, some may feel uncomfortable in showcasing one's cool, outgoing, social and "different" self. And so, some prefer not to add their parents in the list especially if they're very experimental or they're confused with their sexuality. Whether they are gay, lesbian, bi or whatever they may feel they are, social networking could somehow bust their strategy in eventually coming out.

4. Fashion Police. Our parents want only the best for us. Apart from sending us to the best school, even the way we speak and dress could be considered a basis in good and responsible parenthood. With that, some adults do not like having their parents around in their social media territories. ow's that related? That's because, (some) parents could be very particular and even strict in monitoring their kid's fashion or image. So, should you be dreaming of joining ANTM, well, you really can't explore or showcase yourself with jaw-dropping outfits if you're surrounded by an online Fashion Police - your parents. So, some says, spare us, Mom and Dad!

5. My Parents are like GPS. Parents prioritize our safety. That's the reason why most of them want to know where we are especially in late nights. Apparently, some parents are just extreme in knowing where their little ones are (even though the little ones are as big as basketball players and ramp models). With the extreme GPS like character of some parents, some adults opt not to have them in the online umbrella.

6. Gossip gone wild. Believe it or not, shout outs in Facebook create rumors. By simply encoding or blurting out a spontaneous emotion online,  gossip and assumptions spread like a wild fire in the online and offline world. While Parents may imbibe such paranoia with shout outs, what's more problematic is the stories made by relatives and even your parents close friends. With this, some choose to leave their parents and "old/traditional/chismosa" relatives away from one's online pad.

7. My friends, their friends, too. Our parents have different attitudes. Some of them are snob. Some of them are just friendly. However, for some users, they find a friendly parent oh so amusing; especially if a parent invites your friends as his/her friends. For whatever reason, some users may find the "friendliness" as a form of unexplainable and vague action. Depending on the Parent's character, some may just be  tracking your life through your friends or some are just sociable (in the online world).

8. Teach me, Guide me. As we all know, the digital era is new to our parents. During their days, laptops and mobile phones were not the technology. And with the advent of social media sites as created possibly by the Internet, our parents are catching up. And as they venture into the hyped online world, they may ask for our assistance. However, some parents would become so addicted to "Facebooking" that they would consume your time to not only teach them, but would ask you lots of question that may even cross your personal borders. With this setup, some people would just not encourage their parents in joining social media sites.

9. "They comment on my friends posts." Because our parents would love to see or check our daily or seasonal activities, they prefer adding us on their list. There's no problem with that. But what could possibly be surprising is seeing your parents comment on your friends' pictures, status and more (considering that your friends and parents are not that close!). What's more, you parents could share some stories about you that you feel like inappropriate or a type of story that should just be kept in the family's wall of shame.

10. "Spoiler/Whistle Blowers make me Paranoid." Some Parents are just very expressive in sharing stories that their children tell them. Apparently, a string of stories could sometimes spill over in the online world. With Parents lurking in their children's account, these stories could just pop out through shout outs, notes and even in photos. What's worse, some tend not to add their parents in their contacts because of spoiler alerts on one's future plans or complicated relationships/setup.

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This entry is especially requested by my Mom's Friend, Tita Meann. 

Up next, the TEN REASONS why some people want to add their parents in the Facebook Friends List.

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