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My recent vacation is one of the most planned (lagi namang planado). Yet, it was one of the most spontaneous and out-of-the-box journeys I had. I was always out of our house, which normally started in the afternoon and lasted the early morning of the next day. Hindi na talaga ako napirme sa bahay sa kakagalugad ng Kamaynilaan.

Apart from meeting my highschool and college friends, I also met some of my classmates in UP Open University, a blogger and a group of my twitter friends. In all of these meet ups, I really enjoyed every moment. From school matters to personal and absurd thoughts, diversity on each exchange of words capped off my each night.

Now, let me introduce to you some of the great people that I met last April. I am also sharing my first impressions and explosive encounters with them!

To start off, I was able to meet Camille, Monaliza and Arlyn. They are my classmates at the University of the Philippines, Open University. During our meet up, we shared our thoughts on our master’s class and some plans on taking PhD.

First Impression:
My first impression with Arlyn… she’s quiet. But I was soooo wrong. Isa siyang makulit na babae! In an instant, click agad kami sa kaingayan! I like the way she addresses someone line with the "Ga."

My first impression… tahimik. I was not wrong. She’s quiet. But, but, but she’s sensible to talk with. She’s a very principled and driven person pa. Kinda like how she narrates her pride on being single.

First Impression… Monaliza won’t even give you a smile. I was wrong. She’s a very cheerful person. I also liked her suggestions during our meet up for an upcoming larger meet up with our other classmates. Sayang nga lang, we missed the kita kits!

Speaking of graduate school, I also had the chance to meet Joyce Talag, one of my classmates in UP Open University. She is a hardworking Mom (idol talaga!), the author of the blog “Life in High Heels,” and one of the smartest persons I admire in our class.

My first impression with Joyce is that she’s prim and proper. Well, I was not wrong. She’s really poised. And she’s a fantastic conversationalist! Plus, she’s very detailed (as in!) Pero despite the serious look, aba, kuwela siyang kasama! Ang ingay namin sa Teriyaki boy!

Surprisingly, apart from talking about school work, we ended up talking about my life in Brunei and all my past showbiz career.

Another group that I had the chance to meet was my bestfriend Apes' friends Macmac and Attorney Flory. Hindi ko alakain na super kuwela silang kasama and panalo ang tawanan. Attorney and Macmac really made my night sooooo saya. Mula food trip hanggang chikahan, swak sa ingay! Sayang lang at di nakapunta si bestfriend Apes.

With my exposure to the virtual world, I get to gain more friends. This summer, I finally met some of them.

First on my list is media fanatic Jon Aquino. Over a cup of coffee, we talked about his dreams of penetrating the media industry. Coming from that industry, I advised him some initial steps that he could take.

First impression with Jon: He’s easy to go along with. That’s true! Plus, he’s also a good conversationalist (on top of the wit and straightforward banters!)

Second, I finally met Flow Galindez, an advocate of various UN projects and the author behind the blog “Ang Sawariko.” We met during lunchtime and he shared to me some of his experiences in advocacy blogging or cyberactivism.

My first impression with Flow is that he’s masungit. But the moment we talked about his advocacies and work in ABS-CBN (na naka-relate ako), the masungit impression died down and we blended well. Apart from being versatile, Flow is also smart and driven! He’s a good model among the youth especially sa kasipagan and his advocacy!

And last but not the least. I met some of my twitter friends. Actually, it was my first time to join their group.

The night with the “tweeple” was so loud, fun and amazing. We had dinner at Krokodile Grille, wherein I was two hours late because of the traffic jam. Then, we all watched Thor in 3D. And lastly, we hit Music 21 and sang all our hearts out. Of course, photo ops were inevitable!

After dinner!
After dinner shot, again!
At Music 21
Waiting for THOR to roll
After the Videoke session

Now, let’s roll my explosive encounters with them.

I find him accommodating. When I arrived late, he was one of the first persons who asked me to eat and even assisted me to buy a movie ticket. On the side, if you will hear him sing, panalo! Great vocals!

Twitter Account: Fritzkareem

This guy is very straightforward yet witty. I’m also amazed with how he shared his life experiences with me. With all his “bunso” experiences in the family, nakakatuwa that he’s independent. And oh! He sings very well! Boses Martin Nievera!

Twitter Account: leeyoboy

One of the hunks in the group (ako yung isa - ambitious!!!!). Mark is way beyond being “sexy!” Naks (may bayad dapat to). He’s a real estate manager and that night he asked to me to check on Robinsons land. Apparently, I already got signed with Eton City. Perhaps, I can just recommend him. Personality: Tahimik pero palatawa.

Twitter Account: BurgerMack

Funny from start til the end. Sayang because he wasn’t able to join the group in the videoke session. I heard, he really has fantabulous vocals. Isa siya sa mga nagbibigay ingay sa group that night. From the other end of the long table, I can hear his big laughs and loud story telling.

Twitter Account: regiemarquez

Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. (Sayang wala akong picture with him.) In the group picture, he's the one wearing a blue jacket.

One of the kenkoys in the group. His kakenkoyan transcended when we belt out some songs in Music 21.

Twitter Account: reighi111

One of the quiet persons in the group but when he’s given the chance to hold the microphone, you’ll be blown away with his melodious voice. Concert kung concert!

Twitter Account: djimdejan

A Ryan Agoncillo look alike, Tom shares fun in the table. Most of the time, he hangs out with his best buddy Fritz. Pero very cheerful din siya when someone throws a joke.

Twitter Account: tomataus

One of the serious guys in the group. But the moment he speaks, this guy has a lot more tucked under his belt. Imagine, he’s a law student! Whoa! Mahiyain nga lang sa kantahan. Next time siguro, lalaban na! hehehe

Twitter Account: tyronbeckford

One of my textmates in catching up where the group was while I was stuck in traffic. This tall guy is not only the official “money collector” during the bayaran moments. He’s also very outspoken in his TV experiences (na nakakarelate ako). He works as a freelance Floor Director for TV. Ang tangkad pa nito. So habang nagaabot ka ng bayad, posibleng tumingala ka! hahaha!

Twitter Account: rarejae

One of the quiet persons I’ve met in the group. He just observes others and laugh when his senses are tickled. But when given the time to speak, he has his thoughts to blurt out.

Twitter Account: poisonousEMS

He’s loud and very expressive. And that personality transcends even in real situations. That’s Nielsen. Thanks to this guy, I got the invitation and I was able to join the TWEET UP.

Twitter Account: iamTLnielsen

Before I forget, let me acknowledge the fantabulous Mark and Yam! They totally rocked our world with their funny antics that night! Tambalang malupet! (sayang I don't have a picture with the tambalang malupet!)

Indeed, my vacation in the Philippines was truly enjoyable because of the diverse personalities I met. As of writing, I now miss all the chitchats and gala! Til our next bonding! =)

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