Wednesday, May 11, 2011


During my stay in the Philippines, my family and I planned to celebrate Easter Sunday in a different place. Apparently, after two days of deliberation, we found ourselves in the cold and breezy high lands of Tagaytay.

Our family attended a mass in the Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sisters. It was our first time then. Surprisingly, the experience was truly reflective and empowering. Apart from the cold wind that embraced our spirits during the mass, the solemnity paired with the Nuns' songs were invigorating. Indeed, we didn't regret traveling far just to welcome Christ's rising.

We left Fairview at 5:30 in the morning just to be sure that we won't be late. And we weren;t late! The mass started at 7:30.

The mass in the Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sisters was just angelic. The voices of the nuns echoed around. Unimaginably, there were a lot of people who attended the mass. It was packed. And so, we just seated outside.

After the mass, we stood by to offer our prayers or special intentions. As what most people or travelers do, offering a prayer or thanksgiving has been a practice.

Apparently, I was a bit disappointed with what I saw. A lot of people swarmed in the prayer area just to get the paper for the special intentions. See the picture below and you will see. To me, hindi naman ata tama na magagawan sa papel para lang magalay ng prayer. Isa pa, katatapos lang ng misa. Hindi pa puedeng wag magmadali. Take note, there was even a security guard who was distributing at that time. 

But since I just finished the mass, I let go of my dismay. I just grabbed a paper and jotted down my prayers.

Soon, we found ourselves in the mushroom burger restaurant. Surprisingly, the place was easy to find. It's on the main highway.

The place was very simple yet clean. It has this "canteen" feel. But, the moment you get a bite of their food, surely, you'll come back for more.
Looking at the price, the food was affordable. Imagine, for 90 pesos or BND3.00, you get to have two mushroom burgers, one centure egg, a side veggie, and a cup of rice. Plus, this includes a cola drink.
 On the wall, there was a picture showing all different types of mushrooms. So, as you devour your meal, you get to feed your mind with information about mushrooms.
 And for those who want to shop for mushrooms, there's a stall inside the restaurant.
As a first timer, I tried their mushroom burger with rice and some veggies and century egg. I must say, I loved the food. Knowing that's it healthy, it's also not salty and just right. We also tried the mushroom burger. One word to describe it: "SARAP!"

Should you want to experience the mushroom burger, you can go to their Katipunan branch. It's across Ateneo.

After finishing my plate, we also ordered the mushroom burger. It's for our snack on our way home. Thanks to Jon, my twitter friend, for recommending to me the appetizing mushroom burger.

Of course, leaving Tagaytay won't be complete without passing by a nearby pasalubong store and buying some. So, we passed by The Good Sheperd to buy some chocolate crinkles, ube, and some buko pies. 

Honestly, whenever we go to Tagaytay, we always find time to visit The Good Sheperd to buy some Ube!

And before totally leaving Tagaytay,  we tried to stop by Rowena's Cafe. As suggested by my friend and cousin, Rowena's is the hottest pasalubong hotspot in Tagaytay. And so we gave in.
The interior was packed with a wide array of Philippine-made sweets, pies, biscuits and a lot more. Seriously, you'll be overwhelmed! Ang daming choices, super!

In the end, we bought some buko pies, sylvannas, pastillas, and some tarts! With all the items that we bought, I loved the Tarts. It's not that sweet and it's packed with fillings.

So, should you plan to visit the Philippines, try to visit Tagaytay (Around two hour drive from Manila - traffic included) and experience the Mushroom Burger and Rowena's Cafe delicacies!

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