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During my vacation in the Philippines, I took a shot of some of the items that piqued my interest. From simple strolls in malls and meet-ups, there were just a lot of pleasurable sights to capture. As a jumpstart, my eyes were glued on the Bungee Fun and more, which was set-up on the activity area of SM Fairvier, Annex!

Eco Bag

Environmental advocacy is now on a global scale. Here in Brunei, there is a "no-plastic" practice on weekends. Interestingly, in the Philippines, I observed that shoppers are encouraged to bring their eco bags as well when they shop. As a reward, shoppers in the Philippines earn bonus points in their SM Advantage card if they use their eco bags. These points could be used for purchases!

In most SM malls, eco bags are sold. At SM, they sell eco bags at 35 pesos or BND1.00. It is also interesting to have the text of "I love shopping" on the bag. However, I find the color white to be dumihin.

Summer, hot na hot!
As a I strolled further, the it's very obvious that it's already summer in the Philippines. There were summer inspired decors; that transcended from mannequins to shop displays, it's definitely summer time in the Philippines!

At some days, I went out with my cousin to do our grocery. In supermarkets in the Philippines, it is best to be prepared with the numbers of shoppers. Just take a look at the pictures and you'll get the feel of what I'm talking about. You won't only tire your eyes with the wide array of products, but you will also feel pagoda to the max with the large number of shoppers crossing your way.

Interestingly, after our grocery, my cousin and I would go for some snacks. In my case, it's a must to enjoy some fishballs at Odd Balls. I just love the sweet sauce of Odd Balls. Plus, the price of the packaged meals (food + drink) is really budget friendly. But of course, if you want to get the cheapest and authentic Filipino squid ball "lamon" experience, you better check out those street stalls.

Back-to-Back Coldness
TOP 10 Sweet and Cold Delights in the Philippines

Since it's summer in the Philippines when I had my vacation, there were back-to-back cold desserts and drinks that I really enjoyed trying. From a nearby fastfood to an exquisite dining hub, the roster of irresistible delights were just heavenly (with Ice creams are sold, left and right!)!

(1) Choco Crumble Sundae! As I remember, my friend Elmi and I were together when I had this. Compared to the traditional Sundae of Jollibee, the choco crumble sundae is really a delightful treat, an upgrade! I enjoy biting the tidbits of brownies which blend with the crushed chocolates and the syrup!

(2) Bubbatealicious! After a long walk at SM, I tried a pearl-packed drink from Bubbatealicious. As a fan of pearl drinks, I enjoy Bubbatealicious' sweet delight. It's not that sweet and the pearls are soft, in and out. Plus, the crushed ice is not that much which does not eat up the sweetness of the flavor.

(3) Mcdo's McFloat! It was very hot that day when I tagged along my cousin to come with me to return some books at UP Diliman. Right after our jeepney ride at UP, we stopped by at Mcdo to grab some drinks. Oh God! McDonald's McFloat is just thirst quenching. I love the spanking taste of the coke which blends well with the sweetness of the ice cream and syrup. And as we dip our salty fries in the ketchup, the McFloat even works its wonders to pacify our sweet tooth!

(4) Gelatissimo's Biscottino! My bestfriend April treated me one night for a dinner in Cyma, a greek and sosyal na restaurant. For our dessert, April tagged me along at Gelattisimo. And OMG! The gelato is just jaw dropping. Well, apart from the wide selection of items and free taste, I got overwhelmed with the gelato's taste: it's firm! (walang hangin, as advertised!)

(5) Teriyaki Boy's Yogato! My friend Liza and I had an impromptu meet up. We ate at Teriyaki Boy. For our dessert, we tried Yogato, the Japanese Yogurt. The best add on in the Yogurt is the sweetened water chestnut. It's so refreshing! Plus, it's enjoyable to eat a Yogurt because it's healthy!

(6) Banana Chocolate Crepe from Crepes & Creams. For me, banana and chocolates are irresistible. And with Crepes & Creams offering, trying their Banana chocolate crepe is just a must for me. With their branch situated in SM Fairview, which is like 10 minutes away from home, waltzing into their store and grabbing a bite on their roster of crepes is just possible!

Another Banana-packed cold delight that I enjoy is the Banana Split from Pancake House. One word: Saaaaaarap!. And there's also the Mango Crepe!

(7) Blizzard's Caramel Cashew and Mango Cheesecake Delights! Although there's Blizzard here in Brunei, I still tried Blizzard in the Philippines. That'e because there's more choices in Manila. As an example, I tried the Caramel Cashew! Seriously, by merely imagining the crunchy cashew that blends with the sweetness of the cream, I can't help but to salivate! Ganon kasarap! Sayang at wala dito ng Flavor na yan!

(8) Vanilla Milk Tea from Bubble Tea. Again, another TEA-XPLORATION in Manila. What I like about Bubble Tea's Vanilla Milk tea is that it's not that sweet and the small pearls compliment the kick of the drink. With a large serving, my sweet craving is pacified to bits.

(9) Mocha drink from Kitchen and Cakes! A treat from my Kapamilya Friend Ate Hervie, the Mocha drink from Kitchen and Cakes is just amazing. It is not that sweet, which I always look for a drink, and the coldness quenches my thirst even at night (dahil super init talaga sa Pilipinas!).

(10) My favorite! Zagu!!!! I'm speechless. Parang gusto ko na lang mag-Franchise ng Zagu at ako rin ang uubos! I sooooo love the hazelnut cappuccino!

In my recent explosive Zagu encounter, I tried their pearl milk tea. I must say, it still passes my taste on pearl packed drinks. The sweetness is there. The pearls are just right.

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