Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I've been living in Brunei for more than three years now. And for that past years, apart from gaining lots of friends and acquiantances, I also gain some weight because of eating delish delights. Who can blame me? I'm just (sometimes) unstoppable in trying out the ordinary up to the bizarre menu.

Now, if you happen to be in Brunei, I recommend some of my favorites. Aside from being budget-friendly, my recommendations will surely keep you craving and coming back for more. From the combination of the spicy to sweet concoctions, the set below could ignite your senses.

(1) Buttered Chicken. Buttered Chicken (sometimes fish and shrimp) is a popular dish in Brunei. The fried chicken balls are topped with strands made of butter/egg. What's amazing about this dish is that its sweet kick. On one hand, some chillies are added to spice up dish.

(2) Roasted Chicken. Aside from being healthy (because it is not fried), the Roasted Chicken is easy to eat. It's well cooked and the juicy meat simply pampers your fancy on something soft and smooth. Apart from that, the rice (especially made) suites the chicken's fresh punch (and the sauce, yes!).

(3) Mango Chicken Rice. Should you want some spice in your food, try the Mango Chicken Rice. Based on its name, the Mango Chicken rice has shredded mango and cucumber. Plus, it is loaded with some small chillis and lots of onions (and I mean lots). What's nice about this dish is its salty and sweet touch which works in wonders as you eat.

(4) Bitter Gourd Fish. Whether you want to go for some healthy treat or you just want to overcome your "trauma" or "hatred" in eating bittergourd (ampalaya), the Bitter Gourd Fish is the best food to get your appetite on. Perhaps because of the sauce or the black beans, you won't even taste the bitterness of the bittergourd. This dish has carrots and some baby corn to delight your gusto on veggies!

(5) Fish Fest. Living alone or independent could sometimes give you the real lessons in life. In order to last long and survive in this instant-fastfood-dependent world, you really have to learn to cook or love eating fish to be healthy. And so, I seriously recommend you try the Mackarel (which I can finish in one sitting) or the Mixed Veggies (It comes in beef, chicken and seafood). On one hand, should you be in a tight budget, try making your own tuna sandwich.

(6) Lastly... Earvilicious. Just kidding! Vanity strikes and there...it's me... kaboom!

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