Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last Saturday, on the exact day of my birthday, I had a simple celebration at AIKO SUSHI, a japanese restaurant but offers other cuisine in an affordable buffet setup. It was held in the afternoon, around 2 to 5:30 pm.

I booked and expected 40 guests. Good thing, the restaurant gave me extras for the buffet.

So how's my party?

Unfortunately, only a few were able to make it to my party. I didn't know that most of my friends work on Saturday afternoon. Plus, some who confirmed had last minute cancellations because of some emergencies and activities. Of course, who wouldn't want to celebrate a party where all of your friends are ready to rock and roll? I also thought of that. But because my birthday celebration was unplanned, I wasn't able to book early and so I got the afternoon slot.

Looking on the bright side, despite the few attendees in my party, I was sooooo happy because I was able to put up naughty games which harassed everyone. Plus, the food was great, paired with videoke singing. Yes, an EARVS signature party won't be complete without the kiddie like games and videoke galore. Thanks to my compilation of DVDs which I bought from the Philippines, my BEE YOURSELF party unleashed the BEEdeoke star within my guests!
Me and Lisa

Props and Prizes

Elna is just happy inflating the balloons!
Lisa is my co-host! Para kaming "The Buzz" Lang! hahaha!

The party started at around 3 in the afternoon. Lisa, Elna and I were early at the venue to setup the decorations. Thanks to my officemates as well who inflated almost 100 balloons. These balloons added beauty in the venue.

I had a black and yellow themed party. Not that I'm a CORY fanatic or it's a commemoration of EDSA Revolution, but the rationale behind the theme is related to my tagline "BEE YOURSELF." Playing around with the word "BEE" as the "BEE," the party is set to unleash the true and fun side of the attendees. And so, everyone went gaga with the games.
Ms. Len guessing the number of candies inside the jar

Sir Allan is guessing too!
Sir Allan led the Opening Prayer!

I created and researched the games. I had the "Barya,Barya" game wherein I threw a question and the players collected the coins in a basin. I also had the chopsticks game wherein the players dig in the Green peas in a bowl of mixed nuts. Apart from the traditional "Bring me," I had the marshmallow transfer game which prodded players to use a toothpick. And yes, the best seller in my games list was the "Idikit mo sa P at T." It was just hilarious seeing adults stick a masking tape on body parts which word starts with letter "P" and "T" such as Pisngi, Tiyan, and a lot more. In the end of the game, I awarded the best dressed and I revealed the total number of candies in the "Guess the Number of Candies" game.
The toothpick game!

The Barya Barya Game!

Chopstick Game!

The Chopsticks Game Players!

Barya Barya kaguluhan!

Tongue Twister Players!

Idikit mo sa P at T Game!

It was an intimate and kiddie-like party. It was surprising to have a small crowd that produced the loudest screams and creative approach in games. Everyone was in their yellow and black outfits. Everyone was all set to get dirty in the games. And yes, my birthday party turned out to be a family day, and I love it!
The Curaming Family

The Filio Couple!
The Luciano family! Sayang may work pa si Ate Marisol!

Apart from videoke performances from yours truly and some comedy act (feeling star in a major major concert sa Araneta Coliseum na sinasabayan pa ng ma-echo na microphone), most of the people whom I invited were special to me. They are not just my friends; they play a special role in helping me surive and enjoy my life in Brunei. Plus, the people I invited were with me all the way; ika nga through thick and thin. On one hand, as much as I wanted to invite everyone dear to me, I wasn't able to do that. I didn't have enough budget to squeeze everyone in the mayhem.

Jomai sang a song!

I was overwhelmed with the gifts and I say thank you very much. From shirts, books, bags, and a lot more; I love everything to bits.

The party ended at 5:30; actually, we had to. A party was scheduled next at 7 pm and the celebrant was just excited to decorate the venue. And so, we packed up our stuff. And speaking of packing up, everyone went home with pabaon or tapao. There were just too many food. Ang daming natira because a few came and baka kumain na ang iba bago pumunta sa party.

I thank those who came over and celebrated with me on my special day. Maraming maraming salamat!

Sayang dahil unti lang ang pictures. May problem ang lens ng camera ko. Gayunpaman, happy sa captured moments!

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