Monday, June 6, 2011


I've been engaged in different social networking sites for the past years. I have my Facebook account. I have my Multiply account wherein I started blogging. I "used" to have a Plurk account which I soon stopped updating because of the tiring Karma points to earn. And I have a blog, as you are reading. And yes, I have a twitter account which now records 909 followers. With all of these social networking sites, the number site that I enjoy most is Twitter.

Wanna know why? Let me roll out my TOP 10 Reasons why I enjoy Twitter more than Facebook!

1. Keeps me updated. Through Twitter, I get to be updated with news ranging from politics, showbusiness and all the rage that's happening inside and outside the Philippines. By merely following a set of active "tweeps" who are in the media industry, I get to know the latest information. What's more interesting, the information through tweeps are first hand. And most of the time, surveys through tweets are beneficial in shaping public opinion.

2. Funny Tweets. I enjoy reading other people's tweet. From simple shout outs on what their doing and to the loudest and most absurd rants, Twitterverse is just packed with a treasure of fierce emotions. What's more funny is reading how other celebrities (locals) express their string of thoughts! Sometimes, napapasabi na lang ako ng, "hindi lahat talaga binibigay ni Lord!"

3. Boost Blog Traffic. Whenever I blog, I share it in Twitter. Interestingly, my blog gets the most hits through Twitter. What's good about this, at least I can shape people's mind or public opinion on a wide range of topics. But of course, from serious topics to the witty entries, my followers are just on standby to read my explosive encounters. Thanks for that.

4. Virtual Friends. Last April, when I had my vacation in the Philippines, I met some of my people I follow (and follow me back) in Twitterverse. Interestingly, they are very fun to hang around with. Given this scenario, it is undeniable how such social networking sites can connect people and create a relationship/friendship even in the real world.

5. Celebrity Feel. Believe it or not, the word "followers" has its psychological impact. I don't know if it's just me but I see the word "followers" as somewhat a satisfaction or adoration of one's illusion on being a good person, popular or perhaps be worth to follow. By simply knowing that you have a hundreds of followers, you don't only appreciate yourself for being followed, but you get to share that sense of credibility and responsibility in sharing worthwhile information among others. As I've said, social networking is a place where you can influence and even alter a person's perception of the world. So be careful. On one hand, should you want to keep your tweets protected, you can change the setting of your account.

6. Raging Rant. I don't normally rant in my Facebook account. More or more, I rant (which is very rare naman) in my Twitter account. Perhaps I feel comfortable ranting in Twitter because the people just don't care. Unlike in Facebook, some people don't comment and even make alterations to your real intentions or emotions. Worse, they even create a rumor out of a simple shout out as "Hay!"

7. Globally Diverse. Twitterverse is Global. I follow people from different parts of the globe. And I have followers across the globe as well. Given this scope and breadth of virtual persona that I interact with or simple dig in my tweets, it is interesting that whatever insights I share may create a ripple effect to other spaces. Relatively, Twitter gives diversity.

8. The Power of Trending. By merely looking at the trending in Twitter, you will know what the world is talking about. From the much awaited Paquiao Fight up to the household brouhaha brought about by the finale of the series Mara Clara, the Twitterverse is just swarmed with one liners and reactions that create news! In fact, through trending, a community (virtual) is enhanced.

9. Flirting Friends. Discreet or not, there are tweeps that interact with people they kinda like flirting with online. I just find it amusing. As they say, some may not be able to express what they want or feel through face-to-face, but the virtual world has just created a special form of confidence especially among shy and even closet individuals to finally let it out in a virtual compartment. But for some, they prefer DMing the persons they follow if they want to say something in private.

10. Gauge Who's Smart and Not. Language is a reflection of oneself. By choosing words and constructing sentences, you'll get a glimpse of who that person is. And in Twitterverse, language plays a role in showing oneself in the real or virtual world. And so, I kinda like reading other people's tweets (ranging from celebrities, ordinary people, and feeling extraordinary ones). They don't just play with words, they actually re-create themselves to be different and a stand out. However, what I don't like about others is firing a virtual fight through harsh tweet back or sometimes "parinig." I think this is immature.

So, if you feel like Tweeting? Follow me: Twitter ID is earvs

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