Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last Saturday afternoon, I was able to watch X-Men: First Class. Truth is, I'm not a fan of Marvel comics. But since I want to watch something out of my comfort zone and I want to unwind, I went out with my friends Elna, Lisa and Kuya Rhenee.

Should I rate the movie, out of 10, I could give it ....

.... 8 (eight). It's not that stunning yet it's not lopsided. It's just O-KAY. Perhaps, I was expecting action-packed scenes that will make me jump out of my seat. I guess, this is the type of movie that transforms texts into cinematic tone. And so, you have to pay attention to the scenes.

I didn't watch the movie in 3D and I can say that its a wise decision. There's not much visual effect to catch as the movie rolls out.

X-Men First Class is a prequel to X-Men series. The movie narrates the times when Charles Xavier and Erik Lesherr were just starting to discover their superhuman powers. The movie also chronicles how did they get their names as Professor X and Magneto. 

What's nice about the movie is how it explains how Professor X and Magneto became archenemies. Oddly, before they became archenemies, they were closes of friends. As we all know, Magneto acts as the Villain, while Professor X serves as the good guy who discovers and trains "superhumans" to serve the betterment of the world. In the movie, this is unfolded. Relatively, Magneto delves on his tragic past, while Professor X thrives on academic abundance.

In the movie, there are familiar and some new mutants. Since I'm not familiar with Marvel comics characters, I can't even remember the names of some casts. The only ones that I recognize are Magneto, Mystique, Beastly, and of course, Professor X.

In terms of production design, the movie is consistent. Set during World War 2, the visual showcases war, technology and even the character's fashion in a vintage design. What's more interesting is the interplay of the political conflict between US and USSR.

On the other hand, the movie has its subtext. It elevates the discussion on "being different." Mutants or superhumans as a symbolical representation articulates the right to live and freely express oneself. As what Mystique says, "Mutants and Proud!"

In the end, you will know how Professor X ended up in a wheel chair. Plus, you'll get to know why Professor X can't penetrate Magneto's mind. 

The only expression I had when I went out of the cinema was: "So blame Magneto for Professor X's pagkalumpo!" - Spoiler.

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