Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last night, Faith, one of my supah friends in Brunei, invited me, Elna and Lisa to dine at Ligong restaurant at Empire Hotel. Known as a posh dining hub with chinese-themed interiors, Ligong restaurant was just the perfect spot to throw our robust personalities as paired with an attempt to concoct an intimate night.

Dining with Faith, Elna and Lisa has always been a much-awaited activity for me. Not only I look forward to the scrumptious cuisine that we could enjoy, I also get excited with the unpredictable stories and naughty banters that sometimes take a formal meet-up to something outrageous.

On this special evening at Ligong, yes, we talked about one of the topics that we mortals always long for - RELATIONSHIPS. As high as the ceiling of the restaurant and as red as the hanging decorations, our voices were just unstoppable. From flirtatious giggles up to eye-popping gestures, the night was just too hot to handle.

Truth is, I've been in a relationship for more than three years now. I guess, it's just time to reveal it.

But the greater truth, I am lying.  I haven't had the luxury and grand time to be in a relationship. Interestingly, if you believe on what I've just said that I'm currently in a relationship, then maybe you're one of that persons or friends of mine whose just excited to one day see my relationship status changed from single to in a relationship, not only because of the arbitrariness of the word, but more importantly, you just want to let me experience the happiness and sometimes struggles of having a special someone.

  Talking about relationships is odd for me. I'm not that type of person who would hold sweet words about love. I'm clueless what's the feeling. I am blind with social cues. I am even numb for what's happening around or if a person really likes me. But one thing is for sure, I'm loving the idea of being with someone, or better yet, loving and caring for the ONE. Cheesyness comes in! Yikes!

Going back to the teaser about my relationship status revelation, let me get it straight. Yes, I've been in a relationship, yes, the friendship type. Surrounded with love and care, I found a niche where I can be with myself through Faith, Elna and Lisa. This is the reason why call some of my friends as 'SUPAH' because of the great importance of them in my life.

The idea of love and relationship has been always the icing on top of the layers of delectable stories that Faith, Elna, Lisa and I commonly share. I love hearing the ala-Cinderella love story of Faith. Faith has proven that patience is a virtue, and God has always allotted the best piece of life for everyone. On one hand, I've always been smitten with the strength of Lisa and her moves in keeping a God-centric relationship with Kuya Rhenee. And of course, I've always got that big smiles for Elna who's definitely a closet romantic; good thing that Elna is now ripe to fall in love again and be in a relationship after long years of sitting back in the single's club. As their stories unfold everytime we dine, I get to reflect on my life as blessing and as a challenge.

Going out with Faith, Elna and Lisa has always been a highly anticipated activity in my social calendar. I don't know but their stories excite me. Apart from the treats that could equate Wish ko Lang's segments, I've always been fascinated with the diversity of opinions that are splashed all over the dining table. The selection of words and the creation of topics are just fluid. Moreover, it gives me a different perspective on, in particular, RELATIONSHIPS.

I like how we play around with words, with the subtext and sexual undertones. I like the frankness that sometimes crosses the border of seriousness and turns into craziness. And despite the fullness of our tummies, we never fail to make a fool of ourselves by revisiting past experiences. On top of that, each character plays a role that mostly demistifies our quiet and shy personalities. Yes, we're not that tranquil at all. As sharp as the salted and hot cuisine, we can give life a twist that ourselves are just amazed.

A night won't be complete without dozens of formal and candid poses for the camera. As the light flashes out in the wonders of technology, the big smiles plastered on our faces are immortalized. It is only in this seconds that moments are capture for its eternal significance. And as I reviewed the best shots, I laughed for I genuinely felt the kind of relationship that is massive and I'm truly blessed with - FRIENDSHIP.

At times of solitude, I sometimes ponder on the concept of happiness. Is it about achieving more? Is it about being popular? Is it about earning more? Is it about being in a relationship? Is it about great sex? (this must be an overboard!) Then it hit me. In my understanding, happiness could be about letting go high expectations by keeping your standards within reach. Perhaps its true that there are things that man can't change; Only God can.

I am thankful on how Faith, Elna and Lisa have always influenced my views on the concept of patience. They're a living example to the concept of mastering the art of waiting. Although for a sometimes impatient person like me, waiting could seem be forever. But on the bright side, friends tap me to look on putting a space to think or reflect on the timeline of waiting, which could generate more possibilities of positive surprises and collosal blessings. 

Bottom line, I love my friends. I love my family. I love God. And I love you (whoever you will be).

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