Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My semester has officially started. Yesterday, I already got the feedback of my professor in my research proposal. My research focuses on the significant role of blogging as relative to OFW welfare empowerment. For this reason, I've been contacting a lot of OFW bloggers in different countries to support my research. Plus, I've been dealing with Pinoy Expat Blog Awards (PEBA) to substantiate my research.

Doing an MA Thesis is really not easy. Just yesterday, after receiving the comments from my professor, Dr. Lex, one of the best professors in UP Open University, I got a clearer direction of my research. I immediately reviewed my proposal and contemplated on the necessary revisions as suggested by my thesis adviser.

I felt happy and a bit scared upon receiving my thesis adviser's comments. Finally I am able to shed a clearer picture of my proposal. Although, weighing the tons of readings and data gathering that I must conduct is definitely a big scare for me. While there's work, I have to ensure that I will be able to deliver the final requirement which is due on 24 September 2011.

I still have, ummmm..., three months to do my MA Thesis. As of the moment, I've checked that I need to add another theory in my conceptual framework. Plus, the data gathering or research design shall be fine-tuned. I expect a series of interviews among respondents and reading of related literature to substantiate my study.

While there's the avalanche of things to do and accomplish for my MA Thesis, I still look forward on fun things that may help me in surviving grad school. I want to watch a movie on weekends. I want to record songs again, as part of my Jammin with Earvs Season 2. I want to go out and dine somewhere with friends. I want to learn a new language. And more importantly, I'm ready to love.

You heard me right. With over 29 years of living single and having not jumped in a relationship, I guess it's time. But of course, I don't want to run on the lover's lane with extreme spontaneity. However, at the end of the day, God will be there to give me the right person, at the right timing. Perhaps, after this sem? It all depends on fate.

As I was contemplating the other day, I thought of loving the idea of being in a relationship. Yes, that cheesiness sometimes hit a nerdy persona like me. Just look back and review my past shout outs and you'll be able to conclude how my heart is jumping out to feel the other side of loving and caring someone. I'm just human.

I just have one wish right now. That is to finish my MA Thesis. On top of that, I wish to be healthy for the next months of my research status. Okay, so that's two wishes. It's just weird that I ask for one wish and there's an add on.

Seriously, there's just to much to think right now.I hope to survive this sem.

I just can't wait to enjoy my graduation gift for myself. Whatever that is, only BUDGET and TIME will tell.

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