Monday, June 20, 2011


After the extreme partying, one of the much-awaited moments come; say hello to unwrapping the gifts.

Apart from the overwhelming birthday greetings via phone, Facebook and Twitter, I was even surprised and overjoyed to open the bunch of gifts I received last Saturday.

Wrapped in colourful and quirky gift bags, the gifts were just so adorable that I can't help but post it here.

 Wanna see the Gifts that I'm lovin right now?

1. T-Shirts. Yes. From V necks to round ones and from plain to printed ones, the T-shirts are just amazing.

2. Shower Gel, Perfume and a Bath Towel. Now, I have more reasons to pamper myself.

3. Bag. Thanks to Daniel, I got a fab and bright yellow bag which is nice to sashay on casual travels.

4.  Books and School Supplies. I love words and nothing could ever feed that hunger by reading a book. And so, I'm just loving the books I got. Plus, I also got a Pen and a Pendrive/Presentation Pen.

5. Brunei Souvernirs. This gift shall add to my collection of Brunei Souvenirs which I plan to display in my future home in the Philippines.

Thank you very much for all the gifts!

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