Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sometimes, when you have LESS, you get to appreciate that you have MORE.

It's not easy to invest on something that is grand, something long-term. Whenever you pass by a nearby gadget store, you only get to drool over the line-up of sleek and bright gadgets. When you bump into a shoe store or a clothing shop, you tend to reflect that you don't need another pair because you need the money to pay investments. And as your friends showcase in their social networking hubs how amazing their travels were, you get to only play around with your wishful thinking; you try to sense and experience what is like to be in a grand place where you can scream out of enjoyment. Looking beyond, the more you desire or fantasize on things that you don't have, you tend to care much on what you don't have. And so, frustrations waltz in.

I was eating my lunch this afternoon and string of thoughts just kept on bugging me. A lot of what ifs and a pile of wishful thinking. I may never be able to buy a new gadget for this year or perhaps travel out, my life is steady and as still as the flowing river. Then it came to deeper contemplation that I'm like walking in a hanging bridge. Yes. I have that fear that imbalances around may make me fall in the ravine.

But before I go further in bringing metaphors on my lunch time, I stopped. I looked at my food and I realized, I've been eating the same cuisine for the past days. Yes, I've been feasting with leftovers. How's that? For a person who may be earning in dollars and who is attracting rakets like a sweet honey, who would have thought such personality could be placed in such situation. The answer: I had soooo much that I only realized after I stopped in delving I have less.
Just like any human, I tend to look on things that I don't have. I sometimes compare myself with the preciousness and grandeur of other's life. I tend to sometimes belittle my capacities despite the herculean vision I have in mind. Ironic that may seem, I'm just weak at times and lethargic in facing the atrocities which I can fight. Just like how I see the experience in eating leftovers, it's a matter of perspective. It's finding happiness on what is left when everything could be over, or what's not in hand.

Leftover are blessings. It was overflowing. And it's on my dining table, and more in the fridge which I got from last Saturday's Birthday Bash of mine. I had no option but to finish it. It's a sweet a sour fish for today, and I had chicken curry yesterday and the other day. On evenings, I'm trying to nibble on some vegetables and lumpia. While the desserts may be that tempting, my full attention is covered in deep reflection of enjoying appetizing delights in small plastics. Indeed, leftovers are blessing to fill in hunger. In another level of human understanding, because of these leftovers, I'm able to use some dollars in covering some personal expenses.

As I finished my food, I remembered the usual banters on leftover dishes in my family. We call leftovers as "Pinangat." In Bicol, our province, "Pinangat" is a special dish which has gabi leaves, fish, and coconut milk. But in urban setting, we use "Pinangat" to brand leftovers. Leftovers are meant to hit the sauce pan or the microwave for reheating. There, the word "Pinangat" turns out to be "Pinangatlong Init." You may laugh at it but excesses fill in the absence of impromptu cravings or desires of nostalgia.

I washed my lunch box and dried it in the sink. As I walked back to my workstation, I laughed at how I manage to survive enjoying "Pinangat" for the past days. Truth is, the dishes were just special compared to what I can prepare and cook.By the way I am feeling right now, my taste buds and tummy were satisfied as I felt sleepy after eating.

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