Thursday, June 16, 2011


Just this morning, when I opened my Facebook and logged in to my gmail account, I got two exciting news. With these two exciting narratives, one was just heart warming and the other one gave me  a tensed feeling.

Wanna know what are these? Read on.


I finally found out who will be my MA Thesis Adviser. Yes, it's none other than Dr. Lex. He was my professor last semester. He handled subject on DEVC263: Communication of Scientific and Technical Information. Based on my experiences with him, despite the odds that you'll undergo to complete his class requirements, you will seriously learn a lot from him. Imagine, I was able to produce a Baby Thesis in his class.

Right now, I have a mixed feelings over his assignment as my thesis adviser. I am excited to be under his supervision. However, I am also scared of what will happen for this semester. Hopefully, I will able to meet Dr. Lex's standards which I just encountered and met last semester. Maybe he'll have a different approach for this semester. But of course, academic excellence is a must!

I know that I am on my last semester before I graduate. Hopefully, I will be able to make it.

There's another catch. We need to at least publish our research at UP Open University's Publication. I know this is a good opportunity for students. Plus, it will push you to give your best and publish a well-written research.

Gooooodluck! Fight!


Yours Truly is featured in a blog named OFYuppies. This creative and special blog just recently opened. It's authored by my college friend Jel or Jellyn, who is working as a producer and writer for TV, Film and Advertising in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.


So maybe you're wondering what is OFYuppies? Interestingly, OFY stands for Overseas Filipino Young Professional. "Yuppies" is a colloquial term to refer to young upwardly mobile Filipino professionals belonging to age group which is roughly 21-35 years old with independent spending power.

OFYs are Overseas Filipino Workers too. However, OFYs are a more specific group of the much younger and dynamic young Professionals who go abroad to seek for better career opportunities.

OFYuppies aims to build a strong network of young Filipino professionals working abroad through relevant global news, trends and feature stories.

If you have any stories to share on being an OFY, you mail email

To show your support in building collective awareness on being an OFY, you may like the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!

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