Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been working in Brunei for more than three years now. For the past years, I can say that one of my greatest achievements as an Overseas Filipino Worker is enrolling myself in a Master's Program. Apart from saving money, my move to upgrade my skills is an investment that's truly worth a lifetime.

Believe it or not, I'm now months away from finishing my Master's degree. Because I'm interested to harness my skills in communication and media, I took Master of Development Communication.

Actually, I was already enrolled at UP Diliman in 2007. I was taking up Master of Media Studies (Major in Broadcast Media). However, my journey at Diliman was cut short when the job offer from Brunei came in. With a professor's prodding, thanks to my mentor/close friend/nanay-nanayan/idol, Dr. Arminda "Ma'am Arms" Santiago, I discovered UP Open University and took Development Communication. What's more amazing, the three subjects that I took from Diliman were credited as my elective at UP Open University. So that's the reason why I was fast tracked.

I have my reasons why I enrolled at UP Open University and took a Master's Degree. First, as I've said, I want to upgrade my skills. Second, I want to teach someday, especially in the field of Communication and Media. Third, for personal reasons, I want to use my time overseas in a productive way. Of all these, going for a Master's degree is the best choice that I made in not only battling homesickness, but also hammering the importance of higher learning and skills development.

Now, are you interested to study at UP Open University? Are you an OFW or perhaps an Expat who wants to develop one's learning and skills? Well, let me guide you! Read on!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yesterday, I was absent in the office. I wasn't able to come to work because I had a swollen big toe in my left foot.

I was not surprised with the pain that I got in my big toe. Apparently, with the food I enjoyed back in the Philippines and the less liquid intake, yes, a GOUT said hello to my body.

I have a history of GOUT. In fact, I was 22 when I experienced the pain in my right foot. I was unable to walk in a day, which was just a hassle because I was finishing my undergraduate thesis and I was working on a school group project. Good thing, the doctor recommended a medicine which got rid of the pain immediately, and I was able to walk slowly.

I don't know if it's a coincidence that whenever I'm about to graduate in a degree, GOUT visits me. Either brought by stress, one thing is to be blamed: the unhealthy lifestyle that could is reinforced by the lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.

Have you ever experienced that pain in your big toe? Have you ever suspected that it could be a GOUT? Well, read on to learn its symptoms and how you (especially me) could avoid such ordeal!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Before I went back to the Philippines last week, I was complaining with some discomfort in my right wrist. The pain has been very inconsistent. Sometimes, it's up and sometimes, it's gone. Nevertheless, whenever the discomfort attacks, I can't do anything but rest my wrist.

As I've been researching, I've associated the discomfort in my wrist as a metacarpal tunnel syndrome. I haven't consulted a doctor about this (which I intend to do on my next vacation in the Philippines). Actually I'm also scared to find out more about metacarpal tunnel syndrome. Believe it or not, some have undergone surgery because of this wrist pain.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm not gifted with a HOT and YUMMY body. In reference to a mass media's standard of hotness, a yummylicious man's body is basically composed of a perfect abs, broad shoulders, and a V-shape frame. More or more, just refer to a roster of local and foreign celebrities who flood print and broadcast media with their oozing sex appeals.

Interestingly, just recently, here in the Philippines, the Bench billboard along EDSA-Guadalupe featuring the members of the Philippine rugby team, also known as Philippine Volcanoes, in their underwear was removed. Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos agreed to take down the said sexy billboard.

As I read the thread on this issue, I had a good laugh. Why? Some Filipinos are just so creative in throwing in comments. In one of the comments that I read, it is said "Baka nagalit ang asawa ng Mayor dahil mismong si Mayor ay napalingon sa billboard ng mga lalakeng naka-underwear." Another comment also added, "Paano na ako gaganahan pumasok sa umaga," a comment coming from a gay guy.

Through reports on television, seeing the billboard and the action on removing it is somehow a great spectacle. And that made me reflect on my life as a chubby person and the rigors of what is like to live in a society that adores physical beauty.

Friday, July 8, 2011


This is my first time to stay in the Philippines in a rainy season. Normally, I would go for a vacation during summer. However, since I have no choice but to conduct my research for my MA Thesis this July, I braved the rainy season and plunged into a wet and wild Metro Manila.

As of writing, today is just my third day in Manila. So far, I'm able to accomplish some to-do and to-buy in my list. Delving on a strict budget for vacation, I can still manage my expenses. On the side, my researching mojo is starting to roll as my global respondents, who are OFW bloggers, have finally submitted their answers to my questionnaires. Hopefully, within this week, I will be able to finalize the TOP 30 Participating OFW bloggers in my benchmark study.

I won't be talking about how hard it is to do research especially for a Master's degree. It's given. It's inevitable. However, what I want to talk about is the downpour of experiences that I'm lovin and hatin right now in Manila.


I'm lovin two songs right now. Say hello to...

BEYONCE's Best Thing I never had!

CHARICE's Far as the Sky!