Sunday, July 24, 2011


Before I went back to the Philippines last week, I was complaining with some discomfort in my right wrist. The pain has been very inconsistent. Sometimes, it's up and sometimes, it's gone. Nevertheless, whenever the discomfort attacks, I can't do anything but rest my wrist.

As I've been researching, I've associated the discomfort in my wrist as a metacarpal tunnel syndrome. I haven't consulted a doctor about this (which I intend to do on my next vacation in the Philippines). Actually I'm also scared to find out more about metacarpal tunnel syndrome. Believe it or not, some have undergone surgery because of this wrist pain.

In definition, Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist. The median nerve is one of the nerves which supplies the hand (shown opposite). It passes through the wrist in a narrow channel called the carpal tunnel, along with the flexor digitorum superficialis and flexor pollicis longus tendons.

I won't be surprised to get the discomfort in my wrist. From morning til night, my right hand is on the computer mouse. It's either I am typing a paper, working on school stuff or simply surfing  the net. Apparently, most of the time, my right hand is positioned badly on the computer and laptop. The result, obviously, is the pain in the wrist.

The pain is not that excruciating. I guess it's mild. I normally feel that my wrist is tired and there's that discomfort. Yung pain na parang may naiipit at ang sarap ipamasahe. With personal medication, I just take a break from working on the computer and massage my wrist.

I've looked online on what are the causes of metacarpal tunnel syndrome. From the list, one signs manifest in my case, and that is the repetitive use of the wrist ( I suppose and not about Diabetes or Arthritis).

 On one hand, I've also referred to the symptoms such as a dull ache in the wrist and forearm; pain which radiates into the thumb and four fingers (excluding the little finger; sensations of tingling or burning in the hand or four fingers; pain which is worse at night; pain may radiate into the forearm, elbow or shoulder; and weakness in the fingers and hands. Among these, what's more evident in my case is the ache or pain in the wrist.

Positively, when I get back to the Philippines, I found two cool items which I hope will help me to fight metacarpal tunnel syndrome.

First, I bought a mousepad with a gel wrist support. Priced at 199.00 pesos, I got this item at SM North.

Second, I got a Wrist brace with Splint. Priced at 1,220 pesos (yes, it's pricey), I bought this at Mercury Drug, Trinoma.

I've already used the mousepad with a gel wrist support and I can say that the pain in my wrist has deteriorated. I can now feel that my wrist is now relaxed. Plus, I enjoy the texture of the mousepad and the softness of the gel. Parang ihinehele lang ang wrist ko sa comfort na hatid nito!

I haven't started using the Wrist Brace with splint but from the moment I tried wearing it during the demonstration at the store, I can feel that my hands become relaxed. What's more interesting, my hands can still move as I browse the mouse and type my way on the keyboard.

Thanks to these cool finds, I am now more ready to juggle work and grad school, and yes, blogging! (hey, this is not a paid post.) Naaliw lang talaga ako sa mousepad with gel wrist support and the wrist brace with splint. 

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  1. yup, ako nararamdaman ko rin yan..... medyo sumasakit ang right side ng right palm ko.... masakit, halos hindi nga nawawala..... ym id :

  2. Hi! I think pag hindi nawawala eh mukhang kailangan ng magpacheck up. May ibang case eh need na ng operation. All the best!