Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When I had my vacation-cum-research leave last July in the Philippines, I bought a very interesting piece at UP Diliman Shopping Centre. Placed on a shelf, together with all knick knacks, I found the slumbook entitled " The akala mo lang wala nang Slumbook pero meron,meron, meron!" With a captivating title, I immediately asked the girl in the counter about the price. Soon, I was already leafing through the pages of the quirky item, which is priced at 300 pesos.

Truth is, I already knew about the slumbook since last year. I've seen it in a blog by Yoshke, which I visit whenever I'm free. Unfortunately, when I searched for it last year in the Philippines, I couldn't find one. It was only this year, with a pocket of fortune and serendipity, that I am able to find and own a copy.

Wanna know more about "The akala mo lang wala nang slumbook, pero, meron, meron, meron?" Read on!

The slumbook is made by a UP Student; it is a brainchild of an Iskolar ng Bayan who once upon a time had an epiphany of making and reviving a slumbook. What's more interesting, in this digital times, who would have thought that slumbook still do exists; as what the cover title suggests, "The akala mo lang wala nang Slumbook, pero, meron, meron, meron!" This slumbook is written in Filipino and crafted with Filipino humor.

I always brought the slumbook whenever I meet my friends last July. Apart from considering the slumbook as filler on boisterous encounters, the slumbook served as a special solicitor of information, for me to know more my friends. I even asked my youngest brother to fill in some pages and he just laughed so loud!

Designed in a blue cover and a gold laminated texts, the slumbook never failed to get my friends laughing at some questions. From the serious to the odd and interplay of popular culture elements, the slumbook delivered what it's like to once walk on memory lane. As my friends said, "akalain mong meron pang slumbook hanggang ngayon." I uttered, "oo, meron, meron, kaya sumagot ka na!"

Most of my friends enjoyed answering the two-page information squeezer. Interestingly, most of the questions are framed in a witty tone. Oh, how can I forget being asked with "Gender (Note: Gender may change without prior notice." On the Romantic status, there were circles wherein you have to pick one ranging from "Waaah," "Papunta na dun," "Naglolokohan," "Single uli," and  "May ka-text ng kumain kn?" Seriously, the slumbook gave me and my friends a big laugh.

The slumbook has a dual function. First, it is a slumbook. You get your friends to sign it. Second, it has blank pages, which could be used for jotting down notes.

Getting the slumbook reminded me some things in the past. I was in gradeschool then, around 90s, when slumbook signing become a hit among youngsters. While most slumbook are designed with cartoon characters, and some are scented, which girls prefer and boast carrying, slumbook had a set of straightforward questions such as favorite color, movie, etc; these information are now adapted in social networking sites to let others know more about yourself.
Ma'am Armi is just busy sa PhD level na Slumbook!

Hot Momma Joy is enjoy sa slumbook!

Si Business Tycoon na Ivy ay talagang concentrated!

Nagsanib puwersa pa ang dalawa!

Bestfriend Apes is aliw din!

Si Joms, nagrerefer pa sa sagot ng iba! No cheating! lol

Hazel, napapangiti sa saya! Stress buster ba?

Si Ivan, aba, pinagpapawisan sa nakakatense na tanong!
Ang pa-sexy na ngiti ni Arlyn sa pagsagot!

Careful sa pagsagot si Faith!

I like the old slumbook. I like a bit of mystery. I like privacy. And this what social networking can't provide us in this highly digital times. In fact, with the power of internet to collapse time and space, every little detail of ourselves are exposed to the world. Whether there's someone who maybe interested or not interested to know us, the exposition of information provide an opportunity for us to create or re-create our identities.

In a slumbook, perhaps same with the traditional diaries, some information may be kept and some may be shared. The real self talks in a slumbook, depending on the framing of questions. However, via online, one has a freedom to not only express oneself, but also to re-shape or re-sculpt one's own identity to fit in a society or in an online community. Bear in mind, in reference to my study on online media,  a person who engages in online communities have two identities; a real self and a virtual self. A real self is the one who possesses social cues such as non-verbal cues to communicate. On the other hand, the virtual self does not possess any non-verbal cues to communicate; he/she communicates only through texts and multimedia messages. 

I haven't read the answers of my friends in my slumbook. I still have a lot of blank pages, which I want my other friends to sign when I get back to the Philippines. However, there's a lesson to be learned in answering a slumbook: the concept of intimacy and relationships built over long years of interaction. Apart from personal questions, friends and family get to share their inner thoughts given a short period (with pressure from me) on really reflecting who are they in this world. 

I am interested to answer the slumbook. But at the moment, I'll let my friends  share their real self in the hard-bound item.

At the end of the day, I look at the Slumbook, placed on the desk in my room. I haven't started reading any of the entries. But one thing is for sure; even if it gets old, I preserved a persona and memories, which is captured in a get together. Plus, just like reading past Friendster testimonials, I know that the dedication portion could boost my morale whenever I'm down or at lost in this journey called life.


  1. Saan po ako pwede makapag avail nito? Interesado po kasi ang friend ko para dito

  2. My friend is a fresh college graduate, and she still remember this slumbook. So i decided to buy and give this to her a grad. gift. Tanong ko lang available pa ba ang slumbook na ito? and saan ako pwede makabili nito. tnx

    1. Hi Athan, you can get a copy sa UP Shopping Center. Doon ko nabili yung akin. =)