Thursday, August 18, 2011


 It has been a tiring holiday for me. You know what's the reason. I don't have to mention it. Yes. You're right. Thanks to Graduate school, my holiday is sometimes turned into HELLiday. On a bright side, I'm done with my first draft. Meaning to say, I can now submit it for my thesis adviser's critique. Lo and behold, I am hoping that revisions would be minimal.

As of writing, I would like to share to you my very "CHEFish" day. It's a word I coined from the word "chef" and  the add on "-ish." I am just happy because today, despite my busy schedule, I put my hands on cooking pans and spices to concoct a delish and healthy meal. With experimentation in mind, I came up with a bittergourd meal (yes, ampalaya) and a dessert made of carrots. Isn't I'm uber healthy right now? 

When I woke this morning, my intention was to proceed with my research work. I wanted to patch some ideas and edit some texts. Apparently, there's something about the weather that tickled my interest to go to the kitchen and cook. With a rainy day, I pulled out the pans, prepared the ingredients and started peppering magic in the kitchen.

So wanna get a glimpse of what I cooked? The word "Delish"  to describe my cuisine is an understatement. Perhaps, it's more of "Muy Delicioso!"
The first meal that I cooked for lunch is a bittergourd with some chicken bits and mixed eggs topped with carrot bits. My intention to cook the cuisine was ignited by my idea of eating something healthy and something that balance the sweetness in my body. I had some sugar overload the other night and I wanted to flush it out in my body. Known as a food for diabetics, I pulled out one big bittergourd in the fridge and worked my way.

To at least lessen the bitterness of the bittergourd, I put the sliced veggies in a bowl with water and salt. I learned this magic among my parents, with manang and some friends who deal with bitterness in tolerable punch. Indeed, soaking the bittergourd in a bowl of water with salt was effective in pacifying the bitterness.

First, I cooked some garlic, tomatoes and onions. Then I put the sliced chicken. Take note that I removed the skin. I suggest that you get the breast part for more meat. After checking the chicken if it's a bit cooked, I put water and the sliced bittergourd. Soon, I added the carrot bits and the beaten egg.

Actually, I didn't plan to make a dessert made of carrots. Thanks to some energetic personality of mine, I sliced two big carrots. The first carrot was used in the bittergourd cuisine and the other one was intended for keeps. Since I realized that sliced carrots placed in a fridge are not ideal to be left out, an idea came in my mind.

I started heating water and placed the fries-cut-like carrots. And when the carrots were soft, I pulled out two thin sliced sandwich cheeses and put it on top of the drained carrots. Then, I put everything in a microwave and hit the timer button. Lo and behold, I got a yummy carrot strips topped with melted cheese. 

Gaaaaaaaaawd. The moment I had a bite of what I cooked, I pat my back. Seriously, I said to myself: "Finally, I'm learning to cook, and in a healthy way, except for the nakakatabang cheese" With less salt, more veggies and uric-acid friendly meal, I  am hoping to restore a healthy lifestyle. In proposition, a healthy lifestyle means more energy. Yes! More energy, mas happy!

There is something special about the way I experimented on things. One realization is that I can actually enjoy my food without being feeling the guilt and worrying that my Uric acid will go high again and will cripple me. Through proper exploration of vegetables and a dash of salt and spices, I am able to bring out some masterpieces to pamper my body toward a healthy quest.

On a more positive note, cooking has become therapeutic for me on this day. Not only it has helped me to explore on the healthy side of feeding my mouth, but it has also served as an outlet for me to cope with stresses that surround me; from school work, office work and longing for my family, the different petty emotional baggage are addressed with creative applications such as cooking. 

I don't know when will be my next cooking session will be, or should I say my attempt to act like a chef in the kitchen. For now, I'll stick to my quest on going organic as to stay healthy and strong. 

Somehow, it's nice to be a chef even for just one day!

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