Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've always been fascinated with the beauty of places in my home country, the Philippines; the pristine beaches are just jaw-dropping; a wide-array of restaurants have been mushrooming in an unstoppable phase; gargantuan malls are left and right; and the artistry and cultural bounty which are reflected in various historical heritages are at truly world class. Just recently, I had a "wall-smashing" experience in the Philippines!

Last July, apart from taking a visit at Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, my family and I celebrated the birthday of my youngest brother at one of Tarlac's popular eating hub, Isdaan. Isdaan is easy to find because it is on the right side of the road, if you're on the way back to Manila.

Wanna find out more? Read on!

Isdaan is not to be missed in especially if you're coming back to Manila after a trip in Baguio. For our family, we opted to stop by and dine to enjoy a Bario Fiesta themed dishes.

Apart from the line-up of mouthwatering Filipino delicacies that we enjoyed, which ranged from tuna sisig, kalderetang baka/kambing, adobong kangkong, and a lot more, our family enjoyed touring the place and having our pictures taken.

Isdaan is a nice place especially for Balikbayans who want to experience an authentic Pinoy culture. Apart from the wide range of Pinoy cuisine, one can enjoy the surrounding; there are Bahay Kubos which float on water; hospitality is felt and some singers (by request) perform with their guitars as you dine; and more sights such as gigantic statues of funny-posed monkeys, a school of fish, and is bizarre bicycle are to be not to be missed with a camera.

The Tacsiyapo is the stand out feature of Isdaan. It is a special area in Isdaan wherein you get to throw a ceramic plate or mug on a text-packed wall. Based on the concept of releasing anger, the Tacsiyapo wall has wordings which a person may target to hit using a ceramic mug, which is priced at Php15. The sample texts range from Abusadong Customer, Secret, Sir/Ma'am, Brother-in-Law, Manunuba, Manunulot, Father/Mother-in-Law, Integrera/Tsismosa, Highblood/Athritis, Ex-Wife, Magnanakaw, and a lot more. Obviously, the most hit is Alak/Suga/Babae.  Interestingly, should you be very mad, you can throw a Television! That's true!

Here's Ate Charmaine, the wife of my brother, trying to hit the wall! Bravo!

I didn't try the Tacsiyapo because I opted to use the extra money as a tip for the waiter. However, should I be given a chance, I will target Athritis/Highblood or it could also be Trabaho. Need I say more? LOL

The wall!

Need to have that Herculean energy to hit the wall!
Plates and mugs for release of anger!

Apart from Tacsiyapo, Isdaan somehow looks Thailand with its big Buddhas. While we were in the place, I just thought that we were in Thailand. Okay, I'm just assuming. I haven't been to Thailand. But the comparison somehow works because of the imagery I get to see by watching travel shows.

 Indeed, with what my family and I enjoyed at Isdaan, it is factual to say that there's no need to go outside of the Philippines to find tourist hot spots. By merely touring the country, you can get a hefty amount of satisfaction on experiencing something fresh, creative and truly worth your money.
However, I hope that some hot spots could be more accessible among Filipinos. The problem with untouched places, it designed by locals but enjoyed by rich foreigners. I guess, it's time to have a balance on pricing. Para saan pang nasa Pilipinas ito ngunit hindi naman nabibisita ng mismong mga Pilipino. I guess it's time to be cautious with the concept of gearing toward being GLOCAL. We could imbibe that global mindset in attracting foreigners in our tourist spots without neglecting the presence and enjoyment of our local citizens. I guess along the process, there could be some compromise such as being used by a local airline company in the Philippines or some tourist spots that are needed to be discovered and re-discovered.  That should be TACSIYAPO-ed!

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