Monday, September 5, 2011


Just when I thought that my days would drown in a monotonous and dragging phase, a special surprise knocks in my door. Just last week, Kuya Lito, my choirmate in COLA Church, asked me if I can join another chorale group.  This time, the group is composed mostly of expats,who are trained in chorale performances. Interestingly, the group is known for their performances every year; they do concerts, twice a year!

Without hesitation, and since I wanted to try something different that would increase my skills in singing, I said yes to Kuya Lito. And just last night, I attended the practice.

Wanna know more about my new musical adventure which you can experience and enjoy, soooon? Read on.

While I was driving down to ISB, Interational School Brunei, where the practice was reserved at, I felt excited yet anxious. Despite the thought of what I can offer in singing, I was just worried if I would be able to blend with the choir members.

Soon, I arrived at ISB. Kuya Lito was already waiting in the parking lot. And with a short chit chat, we walked and went to the practice room.

Kuya Lito introduced me to the master conductor. He's a tall, white and very perky guy. His name is Gary.

After some short getting-to-know moment, Gary asked me to write my name, email ad and contact number on the master list. I also got to be introduced to other members. Surprisingly, I was welcomed with so much enthusiasm paired with big smiles. With a few people which I can recall the names, I guess that most members are educators and ages 35 above. While I felt that I was the youngest, I was wrong; some were at least on my league and even younger?

Soon, the practice started. Although I knew that the group will have a concert this November, I was surprised to hear that "we" will be doing the ever popular Les Miserables, ala-chorale concert style. Yes, you heard me right. We will be doing Les Miserables.

As you all know, Les Miserables is one of the musicals that launched the careers of the brightest stars in both theaters and broadcast media in different parts of the globe. Our very own, Lea Salonga, has become an icon in jaw-dropping performance through Les Miserables. But of course, there are other stage performances that have built the career of Ms. Salonga. To date, Les Miserables is still performed and shown worldwide.
Les Miserables, or "The Miserable Ones," is an 1982 French Novel by author Victor Hugo and is widely considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century.

Here in Brunei, I am just proud that I'm taking a part in the musical. Since yesterday was just my first day of rehearsal, I really haven't got the overall picture of how would the show would go. The only thing I know, based on the background of the choir that I recently joined, the show is definitely to amaze and enchant the audience.

Based on yesterday's meeting, the concert will be on November 4 and 5. As of the moment, I haven't got any information if it's gonna be a free concert or a ticket is to be sold. But one thing is for sure, the concert ala chorale is must watch in Brunei. As I was practicing last night, I seriously got the goosebumps as all the voices were tremendously amazing. The blending was just magnificent.

I also enjoyed studying the musical pieces. We rehearsed by voice and soon merged to sing. In my case, I was just amazed how I improved in reading notes. Although I don't have a formal training in singing, I am able to read and identify musical notes with years of exposure and experience in church singing, back in the Philippines and here in Brunei.

So, to my dear friends in Brunei, watch out for the showing of our choir's rendition of Les Miserables in November! See yah all!

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