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Last Sunday, I attended the 7th Birthday celebration of Roj, the son my friends, Dr. Rommel Curaming and Ms. Lea. The celebration was held at Pangsa Mar'azmala, where the Curaming family resides. Yours truly hosted the event.

There is something special about attending or hosting a children's party. Not only it reminds me how I celebrated my birthday when I was growing up. It also allows me to be a kid, once again. Yes, that's because of the wide-array of games that one could enjoy in participating. But since I was the host of the event, I set the party on fire!

For an Overseas Filipino Worker like me who has been living a bachelor life for almost ______ years, going to a party is a blessing to mend a longing heart. It just helps to socialize and meet people.

There are different parties that I categorically choose to attend. One is a party for singles like me. It is where I get to meet and make friends. Second, a party which I'm invited to host or be an event organizer. This type is basically work-related and so I have to push up my energy in running the event. Third, as my friends who have families venture into throwing a party for their kids, yes, I am invited to either just come/eat or host. This is more or more, pro-bono, yes, for the love of my friends.

Just like last Sunday, I hosted Roj's seventh birthday celebration. Roj is the youngest child of Dr. Rommel Curaming and Ms. Lea. Apart from being my orgmates in UP Circle Brunei, the Curamings have been very close to me because of the following reasons: Dr. Rommel guides me in my plan of taking a PhD; Ms. Lea is always a source of joy in UP CB meetings and even in simple meet ups; and yes, the kids are just respectful and polite. So with such a great ensemble, saying "no" to attend and host their well-planned party is far from being rejected. Plus, I'm already over with terrorizing myself with my MA Thesis.
The Curaming Family

I enjoyed yesterday's party. Well, thanks to Ms. Lea who acted as the official event organizer. From food, games, decorations, prizes, invited guests, up to post-party revelry, she's just a superwoman to emulate. In fact, days before Roj's party, she excitedly showed us the gifts she shopped. And yes, she was way ahead in her checklist; she had checked caterer even before she bought the gift items. On top of that, she made all the games and prepared all the props. What's more interesting, despite the string of party works, she managed to stay calm during the event. Really, she raised the standards of a multitasker.

Ms. Lea got all the support she needed for the party. Thanks to the Aban Family, the Santos Family, and Ma'am Betsy, the event sailed smoothly. Of course, the credit also goes to the loving family, Dr. Rommel for running errands, and the kids as a source of inspiration.

As usual, I was "high" in hosting; I am possessed (If I'm not, then there must be something wrong!). Despite some technical adjustments during the party, I enjoyed the crowd; the kids actively participated in the games, and the adults as well. Oh! How can I forget how Dra. Irma pushed her way to let her group win in the basketball game. She sat on the balloon oh-so hard and popped it. That for me was the cherry on top of the icing on the cake.

We also had other games that leveled up the event. Apart from the "HepHep Hooray" game, we also had the Trip to Jerusalem, in Ms.Lea's word it is called Musical Chairs, wherein I used the parents as the chair; They stood and the kids moved in circles and ran towards them. There was also the not-to-be-missed "Bring me" and the "Dance for your Life" to win an extra loot bag for kids. Unimaginably, the party had the Pabitin wherein kids jumped and reached for gift items to their liking. This Filipino party game capped off the event.

After an hour of laughter and a lot of dancing and screaming, the guests one by one bid goodbye. Ma'am Betsy and I stayed a bit. Yes, we stayed to take a second round in the appetising buffet. As you all know, normally, I don't get to eat properly when I host an event. So it is only after the party has subsided that I can really seat and enjoy a plate.So, there, we (once again, round 2 my dear readers) had a bite of the spaghetti, sour fish, chicken in sweet sauce, and had a slice of the chocolate cake.
The celebrator, Roj, and me!

On the other hand, we also assisted Roj in opening his gifts. Ma'am took a photo of each of the gifts. And as I watched Roj opened his gifts, I can't help but remember the birthday party I had when I was a kid; it was pure fun, carefree and simply unforgettable; awe and joy always surface on a child's face as gifts ranging from shirts, toys, colouring books, bags, and even unique items unfold.
Gifts Galore!

Attending a birthday party for kids has always been a nostalgic experience for anyone. But to me, it is a comforting walk down to memory lane, to think back of the good times that my family and I spent together. When I was a kid, my parents gave me the best possible celebration they could ever mount; from simple dinner to food-packed outdoor party, they are the frontier in providing an unforgettable gift. And as I was observing the families during the party, it's as if my heart was embraced with a warm blanket. How I wish to be a kid again who can just play around, join in games, win in a contest, and think of rest after a long day of fun.

The party culminated with a Pabitin (which means "To Dangle").The kids reached for their desired toy that hangs in the trellis. Before the game had started, a small kid, really very small, came to me. He wanted to get the Ben Ten Art set. With a consideration of his size that made me realize that it's impossible for him to grab the gift he likes, I just grabbed the set and just gave it to him.  Lucky kid, noh?

A kiddie party is not to be missed in the world. While it tests your patience in safeguarding kids in games and boosting their morale to join and win or cheer them up when they loose, being with kids makes an adult to be a kid (at heart) as well. For hours or more, you get to be part of a child's world, something that is colourful, magical and stress free.

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