Thursday, September 29, 2011


Things have become rocky over the past days. Now that I'm done with my Master's thesis, I am free from all the stressful nights of studying. Apparently, as it turns out, I've not yet escaped the rigors of composing a research proposal in mind. That's because I'm planning to take my PhD in 2012. As a requirement, I am to submit a proposal.

But of course, life is not only about drowning yourself with a pile of books and burning the midnight oil. Thanks to more free time, I can reflect on which direction I would like to bring my life in 2012. Love life? Career change? Travels?

Wanna get more chika? Read on.

I have Ten Recent Random Updates about myself.

1. PhD. Yes. I would like to challenge myself (once again) to take higher education. You may call me nerd or just obsessive with studying, but I just love it. Although it is tiring to study, especially upon seeing the course syllabus, the readings to read, and the requirements to submit, apparently, I enjoy studying. For over the past years, on taking a MA degree, I have found comfort in putting myself on academic grounds. On top of that, I believe that taking a PhD at a young age would be an advantage. Plus, I still have the drive to study.

2. Work. My contract is to end on 2012. At the moment, wala na akong balak mag-extend. Or, kung mag-extend man ako, mga dalawang buwan lang; pansalo lang ang dalawang buwan bago sa buwan ng graduation ko which is May, 2012. With that, I'm now looking for a trabaho where I can practice (more) my skills. As I see it, I would like to venture into teaching in a University or working in an organization such as UN. I am also thinking of trying my feet on setting up a small, sweet and sassy business!

3. Publication. One of the requirements to make it in a PhD programme is by not only having a portfolio of professional work. A stretch of published works is also a requirement. With this, I've started to compile some of the works that I've done in the past. While most of it are unpublished, I'm still confident that it's a competitive sample to showcase my "braniac" self.

4. Let's talk about Love. I've always ignored the concept of loving someone. It's either I'm asexual or I'm just numb with what's happening around. I'm just not into falling in love or perhaps I haven't met that special someone. Dene-deny ko ba ang pagkatao ko? Dine-deprive ko ba ang sarili ko? Ewan ko. 

 On the side, I just don't like the "awayan" and "complications" on falling in love. It's just crazy? Come to think of it, does this mean I'm jumping into something like "no strings attached" kind of relationship para iwas commitment and complications? I don't know. Perhaps when the right moment comes, in God's time, it will be perfect. Yes. I still believe in divine intervention.

But I kinda like the string of thoughts that my friend shared to me last July. We had a conversation over a cup of coffee and he differentiated to me "romantic" and "friendship" type of relationship. Apparently, it's possible to find comfort and fun with a someone who may not be your jowa but could be just one of your friends or acquaintances. Parang masaya lang na magkasama kayo at naguusap ng walang "commitment?"

On a more positive note, I'm taking chances.

5. Graduation Gift. One of the graduation gifts that I have in mind is to travel with my family. At the moment, I am thinking of visiting Macau or Hong Kong Disneyland (for my pamangkin's enjoyment and for us na isip bata). On the other hand, if the fees are high, my family and I might just opt for some beach in the Philippines. Bongga rin kaya ang mga beaches sa Pilipinas. Choooose Pilipinas!

6. Read News Online. I have a new habit in the morning and that is to read news online. It has become a routine for me since last week that I check on the latest news in the Philippines via Inquirer whenever I go online every morning. It's just a refreshing experience. Plus, it's a good exercise to imbibe critical thinking that grounds on Philippine social, political and economic territories. At least, updated tayo sa mga kaganapan sa Pilipinas.

7. Losing Weight. "Pumapayat ka!" Yeah, that's what I want to hear and not the ironically belittling "Tumataba ka." Thanks to Taichi, Swimming and lots of dancing, I'm back on the path of a healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, I do my own choreography. The dance moves I use are a juxtaposition of routines that I got from enrolling in a gym, watching dance videos, and some freelance "sinasapian ako" type of dance steps.

On the side, I stop swimming. That's because I might have "Pasma."  As you all know, I wear contact lens and with the whole day of facing the computer,  wetting tired eyes is not far from getting pasma. I'll just swim on weekends, if time permeates and I'm not pagoda.

8. University Hunt. In line with my plan of getting a PhD, I am still looking for a University that will accept my application and provide me a scholarship.Although I have a list on hand, I have to take an IELTS and start writing my proposal to roll out my plan. Next move, get a recommendation from my dear professors?

9. Goodbye (hopefull) High na High na Uric Acid. Ever since I had had my crippling experience with a high level of Uric Acid, I changed my lifestyle. One of it is by reducing my food intake: salty foods are out; less grains; bawas bread; and more fruits and veggies. I haven't really had my check up. But based on what I feel, I guess everything is normal. I just have to continue my healthy ways.

10. Panic. It's odd that I panicked last Tuesday night. I thought my Facebook account was hacked. As it turned out, my account was in maintenance. Setting aside kaguluhan dulot ng pag-panic, what made me really hysterical was with a possible "hacking," the hackers might get the code number of the transaction that I made to send money to the Philippines for my father. Sayang ang dolyar na pinagpaguran kung makukuha lang ng mga "i'm tinatamad to work so I'll make nakaw na lang" people.

Positively, it was affirmed to be that a confirmation is needed before claiming money in Western Union. For security purposes, my father is asked with any identification card in any transaction.  Thank God talaga! Just yesterday, nakuha ni Papc ang aking pinagpaguran.

In the advent of my hysteria, I learned I should never pass any code or number via  FB messaging. This is for security reasons especially in this time that most hackers could crack and access a person's account. On the side, I advised my family that do not believe on someone who use my name for possible transaction such as "May pinapakuha si Earvin at kailangan ipadala," "kailangan ni Earvin ng pera," or something along that excuse. As my brother told me, he has been receiving some SMS saying that a money is needed and blah blah. And so I cleared to them, I will talk to them personally if I have something to say.

This is Pattaya Fried Rice. The flattened egg is just amazing to look at. But here's the catch, when you eat this food, it's as if you finished two cups of rice. So, I only order this whenever I have a super light breakfast. Anyways, I only eat an apple every morning.

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