Friday, September 9, 2011


There is no denying that time flies really fast. At this time of last year, I was juggling two of Master’s classes, my work and my social life. Now, unimaginably, I’m already done with my masters or graduate studies. With hardwork and premium dedication, I finished my research with a heart warming feedback from my adviser.

Now that I’m done with graduate studies, I can’t help but contemplate on where should I bring the skills that I’ve acquired from a 2-year and a half of specialization. In my mind, with a degree in Development Communication, I am thinking of venturing into career options that enable the application of skills and new knowledge. On top of my list is teaching in a University or work in United Nations or any International Organization.

Setting aside my serious side and before I jump into taking a PhD, I reflected on the past years of sleepless nights in graduate school and I came up with the TOP 10 jobs which I’d possibly love to do if I am not an advertising copywriter, or would become a future Professor or communication specialist.

Singer. I started singing when I was 7. “I’ll be there” by Michael Jackson was the first song I sang when I was little. From there on, my I’ve developed my foray in singing. With that background, becoming a singer is one the jobs that I would love to do. To date, I dream of making lots of money with my talent in singing; and don’t forget the mall tours, TV guestings, and album signing. And guess what, I also aspire to throw a concert at Araneta Coliseum and an institution shall be the beneficiary.

On a serious note, I submitted a video back in 2010 in a company in Macau. They were seriously interested to hire me as a singer in a hotel. O di ba?

A Stage Actor. Believe it or not, I love to act in front of the mirror. Back in college, I was invited to play a role in one of my friends theatre class. In those days, I was so dedicated in memorizing my lines, morning til night. And to make my acting so natural, I would face in the mirror and act out; I didn’t care whether my siblings or parents would hear me talking to myself inside my room. All I wanted then was to master my acting. Given this craziness, becoming a stage actor could be one of my options as a job that I might love to do.

A Match Maker. I have a lot of friends who have been dreaming to find their Mr. Perfect and Ms. Perfect. In these times, I would want to become a match maker; the personification of Mr. Kupido in the digital era. In my mind, as part of the job, I would set-up an event for couples and a speed dating shall occur. On the side, a priest is on standby to tie the knot? OA!

On the side, I better look the special someone for myself. Bakit hindi.

A Television Director. Actually, I’m close to becoming a TV director back in the Philippines. As a segment producer, I was acting like a director of my segments, from producing, shooting and editing my masterpiece. Apparently, since I didn’t like the tedious and working hours of production, I left the industry. However, while I may have left the broadcast industry, it doesn’t mean that I’ve buried my penchant on directing. In my personal assessment of my skills, I’m a very visual person. Although I love and play with words, I like to turn texts into images. Bottom line, I would still love to become a director. Let's see.

A TV Host. You may say that I am ambitious. Becoming a television host is one of the jobs that may bring my heart to ecstasy. Based on my wit and personality, plus my eloquence and rapport, I would love to be placed in the league of Boy Abunda, Ricky Lo and all those successful on-cam interviewers. I suppose, my looks could qualify me as a TV personality who may soon have a billboard in EDSA endorsing a corned beef or perhaps, pedigree? lol

A Radio DJ. Apart from being a television host, I would love to work as a radio DJ. In this aspect, I position myself more likely Love Radio DJ’s. With a loud mouth, outrageous way of laughing and a naughty mind, I think I can qualify to replace Christsuper.

A Talent Manager. With my PR skills and eye on developing pure talent, I think that becoming a talent manager would do me good. Apart from my industry skills and connections, I can package my talents to be successful in the world of showbusiness. I want them to be like me... VERSATILE! Gusto mo yon?

Sweet Food Critique. I want to be specific and so I declare to become a Sweet Food Critique. Since I love eating sweets – from cakes, drinks and desserts, I think being a critique on tasting each delightful treats would bring me a happy heart. But of course, with the history of Diabetes in the family, this job could more of a threat to me than an advantage.

Literary Writer in Filipino. I’ve always wish of having my own book, a literary one. Whether it’s a novel, a collection of short stories or poems, writing in Filipino and being published is one of my dream job. On top of that, I want to win a Palanca award. Ambitious eh?

Dancer/Instructor.  Believe it or not, I love dancing and dancing loves me too. You can ask me to dance genres like social dance, jazz or even rumba but not those locking and popping in hip-hop. I am also dream of competing in dance competitions.

How about you, what is that job that you would love to do?

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