Sunday, October 2, 2011


The competition has begun! Yesterday, together with the remaining 25 finalists, I performed for Brunei's Who's Got Talent.

Wanna know more about my Who's Got Talent adventure? Interested on how to vote for me? Read on.

A week ago, I received a call from the organizer of Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3. I was informed that after the nationwide auditions in Brunei I passed as one of the TOP 50 finalists.

Obviously, since I was in shock and happy at the same time, I reacted it's as if a lightning struck me. I froze for.... decades? Just kidding. But seriously for minutes, I was just listening to what the organizer was telling me over the phone. In fact, the only information that retained in my mind was the news that I got in.

Things took a little time before it hit me that I'm really in for the competition. So upon full realization, I immediately checked on the songs that I could sing on the competition. After nights of thinking and rehearsing of song, I came up with the song of my choice; that's "When you Believe" by David Archuleta.

On the side, thanks to my friend Jomai for helping me rip a copy of the song from my videoke collection.

The song "When you believe" is my personal favorite. Apart from its mellow beat, the meaning of the song is also powerful. Speaking of powerful, the notes are also challenging to sing. So I think it's a good piece for showcasing my singing prowess.

Saturday morning, while I was having my usual weekend breakfast in a nearby resto, I opened the newspaper and yes, the news is out. The final list of the TOP 50 contestants was being campaigned.
Good (mind-blowing) News!

Yeah! I'm the last! WGT 50!!!!!
Came yesterday, I found myself very busy. Not that I was campaigning for my friends to vote me (half true) but I was packed with household chores. I cleaned the toilet. I cooked lunch. I cleaned my room. I guess, doing household chores was a good distraction to overcome nervousness as the final hour of competition gets in.

By 6:30, I was already at the venue of Who's Got talent. Organized by Bmobile and Relentless Entertainment, the showdown was held outdoor in Berakas, near the Stadium. The 50 finalists were divided in two separate days of performance; the first 25 on Saturday and the rest on Sunday.

When I arrived at the venue, I saw that there was a lot of people. The event also housed a Carnival Event. So to relax and not bore myself to death, I just roamed around and enjoyed the sights of the carnival themed event.
Some audience

The Carnival event was interesting. It had a lot of stalls that sell different products ranging from clothing, food, eco bag and many more. There were also some stalls which you can play, as organized by Boustead. On top of that, there were clowns!


Eco bags





Soon, the performances rolled out. One by one, the performers showcased their talents. On top of that, all performances were recorded and shall be uploaded in Youtube for the public to view and get a chance to vote.
Me waiting for my turn to sing. Shot by @whosgotalent

Finally, after waiting for almost four hours, I performed. I was the last.

Performance shot by @whosgotalent

It was an unforgettable performance for me because despite the heavy rain that I (everyone) endured prior I performed and the late schedule that I got in, I managed to sing the way I rehearsed in the past days. With all the low and high notes, everything went well. On the side, I was even happy that some of the people who were there appreciated my performance.

Take note that our performances will be uploaded in Youtube tomorrow. I will share it and please do share it as well.

Now, would you want to hear more of my performances? Vote for me and I promise that you will be seeing more explosive singing performance from me!

To Vote:

Key in WGT (space) 50 and send to 38833

Voting is only for Bmobile Subscribers and it's for Brunei only.

So, to all my friends here in Brunei, you can vote me if you want. Watch out for my performance video which will be aired soon. There, you can decided whether I'm deserving to get into the TOP 16.

Thank you very much in advance.

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