Sunday, October 9, 2011


Now that graduate school work is over, strolling at the nearest mall on Saturday afternoons has become my past time. And just recently, I visited one of my favourite bookstores in Brunei and I found out that it had some major (major) makeover. On the side, I treated myself with some irresistible dish, which was introduced to me by my friend Elna.

Wanna check it out? Reeeeead on!

First on my list is the newly renovated BOOKER bookstore. From being a crowded and a bit dim book hub, BOOKER is not turned into a spacious, more organized, and well-lighted place for book lovers. On top of that, the bookstore has now occupied two floors; the first floor is for text books, while the second floor houses the literary/fiction collection.

Just some points for improvement: BOOKER should increase the circulation of air in the second floor. Seriously, it's a bit hot. Plus, the organization of the books should be looked at. Perhaps, during the time I visited, the shop was on the process of shelving the items.

Books on the First Floor

Textbooks Galore

On the Second Floor

Second is the fact that I love cheese. Anything that's with cheddar is just irresistible for me, from chips to yes, baked rice! So yesterday, lunch time, I gave in to the ever scrumptious and best seller Baked Chicken Rice at Hotpoint in the Mall, Gadong. Priced at BND4.90 (150 pesos), the cheeeeezy dish pampered my appetite. Served hot and in generous size, the Baked Chicken Rice is a must-taste. You can also opt to try the baked beef or shrimp rice.


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