Sunday, October 9, 2011


I’m not a fan of fastfood meals. However, last Saturday, I craved for a cheeseburger, McFlurry and fries. So, together with my officemate, I walked in at the one and only McDonald’s branch in Brunei.  

But there's something surprising about dining in at McDonald's. There was a unique twist on their meal!

Wanna know it? Do you love cheese? How about some uber sweeeeeet McFlurry? Read on!

It was an unforgettable experience to dine in at McDonalds. First, last Saturday’s dining moment was my first dine in at McDonalds for this year. As you all know, in choosing where to dine on a fastfood restaurant, I prefer going to Jollibee. And second, since I’m so into watching my diet, I rarely eat at fastfood restaurants. So last Saturday was a deviation to my healthy lifestyle slash loyalty to Jollibee.
Eating at McDonald's was a "I like" and "I kinda dislike" experience.

First, I liked the cheeeeeeesy treat on my fries.  By simply putting your fries in a paper bag, adding some cheese powder and shaking it, you instantly get a CHEESE FRIES.

However, the not so good part, I just felt that the fries became so salty with the cheese. With the salt invading my appetite, I craved for a sweet delight. Okay, that's where the Oreo McFlurry with Mudpie came to the rescue.
I liked the Oreo McFlurry with Mudpie. While the oreo bits give your tastebuds a sweet kick, the mudpie syrup adds to the sugar treat. Seriously, as I pampered my sweet tooth with the Mcflurry, I felt like I was just putting bags of sugar in my body. 

On the not so sweeeeeet side of eating the McFlurry, it was just sooooo sweet that I wasn’t able to finish it. Perhaps I was overwhelmed with the big serving as well.

Overall, my (after months of abstinence on eating fastfood meal) food quest was something that I won't think of experiencing again; Too much salt, too much sweetness, well, not good for the health. On top of that, it's fattening. Then again, I enjoyed the part of eating like a highschool or college student again at McDonald's.Indeed, good times!

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