Monday, October 10, 2011


 Sunday afternoon, I was invited by the Santos family to attend Shantelle’s 17th Birthday Celebration. It's a Hat Themed Party. As said, everyone was requested to come in the party with a unique hat.

Wanna know about the hot hot hot hat party? Wanna see my uber FAB and eco-friendly hat? Read on!

To say that I'm on a diet in any gathering or party is just unacceptable. Obviously, when you go walk into a party, mingle, and enjoy the event, to eat and eat and eat is a must. Of course, the celebrator or the host of a party would not be pleased if you act as if you despise the food that seduce your appetite on the festive table. My point is, I trashed my diet plans on Shantelle's birthday bash and set on a no holds barred food eating.
Shantelle and Me!
Cute cake!

Adorable cake!

Who wouldn't? With a wide array of dishes, drinks and desserts, I couldn't help but simply enjoy what's offered.
Desserts galore!

I soooo love the Pork BBQ!

Apart from enjoying the mouth-watering food at Shantelle's birthday bash, I liked the interaction with the guests. Not that I was a host for the said event but because most of the guests were my friends. I've known most of them through parties, events, and get-together. With a small country like Brunei, it's not surprising to meet someone, befriend a person, and encounter the same person in almost any place in the abode of peace.

I loved the idea of the Photo Wall. Dr. Joey Santos and his family allocated one corner of their spacious house where each and everyone can have their picture taken. I suppose, aside from blowing of the cake, the photo op was one of the major (major) event highlights which treated all the guests with so much fun. 
Me, having fun!
With Ms. Joanne and Ma'am Betsy!

With SMSS Teachers!
With Sexy Teach Toni!

As instructed, everyone had their share of poses on the photo wall. From wacky to serious to romantic ensemble, everyone was just into model-like personality.

Of course, yours truly didn't miss the photo op. Wearing my customised hat made of Bmobile cards, I posed to my heart's desire. From being funny, childish and even outrageous, I just had it. On top of that, I was so proud of my eco-friendly hat.

The Hat's Front

On the side, my hat was a form of advertisement. I was campaigning for my friends and acquaintances to vote for me. Seriously! For your information, the hat the I wore was awarded during my company's Christmas party back in 2008. It won the title, "Most creative hat," which gave me some dinning vouchers.
On the hat, I added the text: Vote! WGT (space) 50 and send to 38833. Positively, some guests responded.

Interestingly, some  of my friends just gave me money and asked me to buy a mobile phone load. That’s because as much as they wanted to vote for me, they can’t because they’re using DST. On the side, some Bmobile subscribers immediately voted for me via SMS. Nice, right?

So the night ended with me playing my fingers on my phone. Not because I’m playing a game but I’m just busy typing my friends' vote for me.

Anyways, thanks to the Santos family for inviting me to Shantelle’s party. I enjoyed it. I went home with a fuuuuuuul tummy. My heart was jumping with joy as I was able to bond with my friends. And yes, aside from the votes, I had a goooood laugh with my friends in most photo sessions!

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