Sunday, October 9, 2011


The competition has begun and I’ve already started my strategy on getting votes. As a person who works in the media industry- from PR to advertising and broadcast media – I try to put myself on a sort of social experiment. Yes, I am marketing myself. Of course, the Brunei’s Who’s Got talent is one of the platform to execute.

Why make an effort? Because I love to share my talent in Brunei. I’ve been singing since I was 7 years old. As far as I can remember, the first song that I sang: “I’ll be there” by Michael Jackson. From being a consistent performer in differen gatherings up to joining singing competitions (where I won and some I lose), I’ve honed my talent on performance. On top of that, I don’t only sing, I also host and write scripts. Well, that’s the reason why I choose to work in the creative media industry.

Going back to campaiging or selling myself, I’ve had some implementation that’s on going. First, online. Yes. There’s no other way that people won’t see my performance but through online. And so, as what the organizers of the event have been doing, I’ve also advertised my video performance via online. Through this, people can see if my performance is worthy of their votes. And if people like my performance, they can share it and vote for me.

Second strategy is the traditional word-to-mouth advertising. Whenever I get into gatherings, I campaign myself. Well, mostly, my friends ask about my status on the talent competition for they believe that I deserve to get a spot in the semis, and some even believe that I should win. But of course, winning would require more hardwork, dedication and humility. At the moment, it is best to encourage my friends to vote for me. No pressure.

And lastly, I use posters. Just recently, the Church of our Lady of Assumption has allowed me to put a poster in the church. It’s just good to hear that my church is supporting me on this journey. The head priest event approved my poster and uttered, "As much as I wanted to vote for you, I can't. I'm a DST subscriber!" FYI, DST is the direct competitor of Bmobile, the main sponsor of this year's Who's Got Talent Season 3.

On an interesting note, most people know me in the church because I sing solo during the 9:30 mass. In fact, it’s in the church that I’ve developed my skills in singing. With this, I’m just thankful to the Lord with my talent. On the side, a restaurant allowed me to post posters on their wall. 

I’ve always believed that any talent should be shared. Whether it's dancing, acting or singing, God given talents are treasures that best grow through constant practice and yes, sharing it to the community.

So for those who believe in me, thank you very much! I really appreciate all your support to me. So in advance, supeeeeeer thank you. For now, I will do my best to not fail your trust on me.

To vote, Key in WGT (space) 50 and send to 38833!

If you haven't seen my performance video, here it goes:

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