Sunday, October 9, 2011


 There’s a Musical Garden Wedding Fair that took place at the Mall Gadong from Friday until Sunday. As I found out, my friend Faridah participated in the event. Registered under the name Nicodemus Collection, the design of Faridah is simply ravishing!

Wanna check it out? Read on!

Faridah has been designing wedding gowns for many years now. Born in the Philippines, my friend has been designing and producing gowns for different occasions - from birthday bash up to signature wedding events. And so, I'm not surprised to know that she's part of the Musical Garden Wedding Fair at the Mall in Gadong. Her gown collection is simply refreshing and a rare find in Brunei.

The intricate and elegant wedding gown made by Faridah was placed on a wooden and painted in white horse carriage. Given the ala-Cinderella ambiance, the gown was just an eye candy to feast on. Seriously, if you're thinking of exchanging "I do" with your special someone this year, better check out Faridah's wide array of designs. She also designs for the whole wedding entourage, from the groom, bride, etc. You can visit their website, simply CLICK!

Apart from Faridah's designs, another stand out was the flower arrangement. Crafted by Pottz and Petals, the regal design boasts ornaments and unique event pieces. 

So if you’re looking for something unique, elegant and simply worth of your wedding budget, you can check out Pottz and Petals. Their specialization lies in wedding decorations – be it Malay pelamins or Chinese hall decoration. On the side, they can also provide your event needs ranging from fancy flower arrangement, sourcing out venues, caterers and photographers, and production houses to create wedding gifts and favours.

To check more of the design:

Pottz and Petals
Unit A9, Ground Floor, Block A, Sempurna Complex Jalan Batu Bersurat
239 2883/ 718 8883

Nicodemus Collection
Contact 869 20 75

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