Friday, October 14, 2011


YeZ! I call this entry as a Zongers in Zeasons as my friends and I went out last night for some catching up. It's "Z" because my zzzleepy feeling went away because of the happy night. Let me share to you the wonderful night.

Last night's get together was perfect. For the past days of drowning myself on either watching DVDs, singing and reading some academic papers, going out with Lisa, Elna, Jovert and Kuya Rhenee was a breather.

We ate at Seasons Restaurant last night. While Elna and Jovert had buffet, Lisa, Kuya Rhenee and I went for an a la carte. I had pasta and a watermelon juice.
Elna and Jovert

Lisa and Me

The Group (Earlier)
The Group (Later Part)

The food was great last night. But what's really unforgettable was the company. With all our boisterous laughter, candid photo ops and banters, we filled the restaurant with so much fun. Thankfully there were only a few (really few) customers who were dining in.

Watermelon Juice

The lots of picture taking was enjoyable too. Okay, ELNA stole the night. She's just ravishing. Her smile was great. In short, she's BLOOMING!

Elna was also very energetic last night. She's just uber excited to see her photos. In fact, after each click, she would say, "Patingin ako!" (Let me look!). Right after, she would say, "Wow, ang ganda ko rito!" (Wow, I'm beautiful in this shot). Okay, we affirmed her statements. Half yes. Half yes. So, absolutely yes!

Apart from the picture taking, I enjoyed singing on stage. Together with the guitarist, a pianist and a back-up singer, I sang two songs last night. I sang the mind blowing "I don't want to miss a thing" and the jazzy song, "Right here waiting." Oh, I also sang "I will survive" sa prodded by the band. Overall, I thought I was in a concert.
With Feelings!

With so much feelings!


I didn't campaign for Brunei's Who's Got Talent last night as we were the only customers who were left in the restaurant. Oh well, I campaigned myself to the band who were Filipinos.
On the side, the night was peppered with Elna's fantabulous and sexy fashion statement. It was far from her usual ensemble and I can say that it's a thumbs up.

Soon-to-be-a- Mommy Lisa and Kuya Rhenee were also with us last night. I was just amazed with Lisa's discipline on eating. No Sugar, less salt and more exercise.

Jovert was the best photographer of the night. Not that he had his bigtime camera but he took good photos. Emotions were just captured and so I can't wait to see the pictures!

Soon, the clock hit eleven and we all went home. Seriously, time went unnoticeable because of the fun moments that we had. With Filipino friends, Filipino humor, and Filipino singers serenading the night, for a time, it's as if I'm back in the Philippines.

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