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My Father is in Brunei Darussalam. Believe it or not, his current visit is his 3rd time. Obviously, with my (close to) fourth year stay in the abode of peace, as relative to his visits, it can be argued that my Father's vacation is made annually! Bongga naman di ba!

I am very happy whenever my father visits me and stays for a couple of days. Apart from bringing some Philippine made items that I really miss such as Chocnut, Goldilocks Polvoron, even Flat Tops and Quaker Oats Cookies, my Father's visit rejuvenates me to (for a time) bash homesickness. Plus, I enjoy our conversations over lunch, dinner and before hitting the sack.

In his recent visit, my Father and I have had a few trailblazing activities which are different from his previous visit. Wanna know the chika? Read on!

My Father arrived last Friday. Thanks to budget-friendly fares of Cebu Pacific, my father paid around 5,100 pesos (two-way). But despite the low fare, it was the airport tax that cost high. My Father paid around 1,000+ and 700 pesos.

Friday was a busy day for me (and Saturday as well). As you all know, I was part of the Les Miserables Concert in Brunei Darussalam. FYI, it's a private function.

Despite being a private function, the dedication on choir practice was intense and entailed a lot of focus and dedication. Last Friday and Saturday were the days of showcasing what we worked hard for.

The whole ensemble!
So last Friday, I didn't have enough sleep. I fetched my father in the airport at around 2 am. Then in the evening, I sang in the concert.

Despite the lack of sleep, I was very ecstatic to perform. Apart from the fact that it's Les Miserables, of course, my father is gonna see me perform. It's like bringing back my elementary and highschool days when I invite my parents to come and watch a show that I'm in.

 The two-day concert was a success. All of the solo performers were able to sing well. Plus, the choir was just magnificent. Thanks to our conductor, Sir Gary, everything went smooth and at par!
The Choir!

The Tenors!

The night was packed with people. In fact, our conductor was very surprised with the number of friends I had on Friday and Saturday. He even thought that it's my family! Ganon kaclose ang mga friendship!

Prior to the concert show on Saturday night, I was invited to judge in UBD's Halo-Halo making competition.The event was organized by UBD's Mabuhay Club, an organization that promotes Philippine culture and tradition, which is spearheaded by Ma'am Betsy.

So apart from being invited as one of the judges, I also sang. On the side, I tagged along my father in the competition. 

The set-up
Ready to perform! Thanks Kida for the Snapshot!

My father and I enjoyed the competition. Apart from scrutinizing (yes, it's a judge's role!) at how Bruneians concoct our very own Philippine-made Halo-halo as my father watched the event,  I (always naman) enjoyed mingling with other fellow UPians (graduate of UP), who are my orgmates in Brunei and my close friends.  On the side, my father had a lengthy chit chat with some of my UPian friends.

My halo-halo!
 I demonstrated how to make a Halo-Halo. Pointers: do not put apple and lychees! Better add Langka or nilagang saging. Plus, the sugar should be placed at the base of the cup and not on top of the ice. =)

Judges and Winners!

UBD Mabuhay Club and the judges!

Came Sunday and we went out for lunch. Since I already brought my father to some restaurants in Brunei in his past visits, I tagged him along at Times Square. I also invited my bonggang super friend and former professor at UP na si Ma'am Betsy and her son, Ton to come with us.

Tapos na kumain! Simooooot!

We all had our lunch at London Kebab. And yes, the food at the restaurant never fails to elicit "Ang saaaaarap!" Seriously, we all loved our food. Ton and I had Chicken Kebab, while Ma'am and Papc had Black pepper chicken Kebab.

Yummy tartar sauce!

After our lunch out at London Kebab, we all toured Times Square. We also moved to another mall beside Times Square. After an hour or two, we all went off to go to another establishment named Supah Save Mabohai.
In a "ghost-townish" mall!

Papc's having a cold and refreshing drink!

At Supah Save Mabohai, we found Toys R' Us. On top of our tour, we had froyo at Blitz! Soon, I dropped off Ma'am Betsy and Ton at their place. My father and I went home to rest for a while before going to another meet-up.

At night, the accident happened.

Photo credit: Toni (Concert Pictures) and Ate Marisol (Concert Pictures).

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