Monday, November 14, 2011


For the past days, apart from binge eating, my Father and I had loads of fun times with my friends. Knowing that my father is a very adaptable being, I tagged him along in some of my friends' get together.  I'm glad that he enjoyed the company of my boisterous, witty and uber expressive group of friends.

Know the chika! Read on!

I have a lot of friends in Brunei. They vary in profession and in character. Some, I met, in the gym, when I used to work out. Some are my orgmates from UP Circle Brunei. Some are my choirmates in the church. Some are acquaintances. Some are my officemates-cum-chika-friends.  And some are teachers. Despite the variety of each group, one denominator is that my friends are similar to my personality: cheerful, positive and simply outrageous.

Last Saturday night, I tagged along my dad to join me and meet my friends from Expression Music School. Since Matet's dad is also here in Brunei for a short vacation, it was a good idea to bring all the "Fathers" and socialize. Sayang lang, Carem's dad didn't make it to the dinner because of a prior commitment in the church.

Touted as a Special Father's Night out, we all stayed at Aiko Sushi. Aiko Sushi is one of the budget friendly restaurant in Brunei. Apart from it's BND6.00 charge for buffet, it offers superb dishes, from the main course to the desserts and drinks. Bottomline, Aiko Sushi is the best place to get the bestest value with your money. On top of that, you can reserve a room where you can stay and eat with your friends; take note that there's no extra charge! winner, isn't it?

My father enjoyed his encounter with my friends from Expression. They are Matet,Michelle, Carem, Shiela and son Jack, Jasper, Franz, Reggie, Tonet, and Ian. Tito Rod, Matet's dad, was also present.

My father knew my friends from Expression. If you remember, together with Carem and Michelle, we all went to Bukit Shabandar last year. It's also that time when Michelle twisted her foot and we're left with no choice but to carry her using a trolley.

The Gang!

L-R: Jack, Jasper, Sheila, Carem, Matet, Regie, Papc, Michele, Tonet, Tito Rod, Ian, and Me!

One of the highlights in last Saturday's get together was Michelle's preparation for her upcoming birthday celebration. And yes, my Father (dramatically or comically?) gave his wish for Michelle. Matet's Dad also voiced his wish for Michelle.

The other group of friends that I introduce to my father is my Supah Friends in Brunei. I call them Supah Friends because of the years and depth of our friendship!

So last night, we stayed at Swensen's in The Mall, Gadong. My father and I had pasta and bread. We also had banana split for dessert. We also had a bite from Lisa's salad order.

As expected, apart from the yummylicious food we had, the night was packed with tummy-aching banters and a thread of exciting stories (which I won't disclose. Secret na lang!). The saying "What you hear, when you leave, leave it here!" applies!

Elna and Jovert!

L-R: Lisa, Me, Papc, Elna, and Jovert!

My father was also laughing with us. He even bantered at some point during the "hot" stories.

In one of my conversations with my dad, he said to me: "Para kang Mama mo."

I answered back, "Masyado ba akong madaldal?" I giggled.

He explained, "Marami kang kaibigan. At saka masayahin mga kasama mo."

"Eh kanino pa ba ako magma-mana. Nung buhay si Mama, yon ang komedyante ng grupo nila." I said.


I am glad my father enjoyed his short stay in Brunei. Tonight, he'll go back to the Philippines. Nako, excited na ngang makita ang kanyang apo!

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