Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love watching horror movies. That's back when I was in the Philippines. But now that I live alone in Brunei Darussalam, I seldom catch horror flicks. Most of the time, to satiate my longing for eerie narratives, I just watch Filipino horror movies. Filipino movies are tolerable in giving me a fright.

But when my dad had his vacation here just last week, I gave in to watch some foreign horror movies. I was confident that I won't be scared if my dad is beside me. Surprisingly, the effect is just bad.

I had the chance to watch the Thai horror flick entitled "Coming Soon." And because of watching it, I had the following eksena.


I was walking in the stairs in our staff house when I thought my housemate was the ghost in the movie. Sorry naman at hindi kasi nagayos ng buhok ang kasama ko sa bahay.


After watching the movie, I had a hard time looking in the mirror. Not that I'm scared. I actually afraid to confront the fact that I gained weight because of binge eating while watching the movie.


There was a scene in the movie that the "ghost" is combing her hair. That visual retained in my mind. So, whenever I see a brush, I get to imagine the ghost. So one time, when my housemate was combing her hair in the living room, I screamed (silently). Napagkamalan ko na namang multo ang housemate ko.


When I was watching the movie with my dad, I didn't control myself in expressing my fear. Seriously, I screamed a lot. Surprisingly, as I thought that my scream fest ended last week, I was wrong. Just last night, I was singing a song inside my room. And when a figure reflected in my window, I suddenly sang loudly. What's more intriguing, I hit the high notes of the song piece because of fear. Kaloka! Kurtina lang pala!


I was in the kitchen preparing my baon for the next day. Suddenly, something touched my legs. With a wild imagination, I got scared. I slowly moved my head and looked down. Kaloka, plastic lang pala na hinangin. 

Here's more! When I was about to pick up the plastic, the door slammed. #Haggard


I can't sleep with the lights on. Thanks to watching the Thai Movie, nothings changed naman! Kala mo ha! But here's the catch.

Before I sleep, I normally surf the net through my mobile phone. As I checked on my FB and Twitter before sleeping, there's one frightening experience that scared me to death. Someone's hands moved from the back of my head and covered my eyes.

Oh my God!!!! With sweat all over my body, I screamed. Buti na lang nanaginip lang ako. (Better watch the movie so you'll know what I'm talking about)


Apart from watching the Thai movie "Coming Soon," I also watched the series Walking Dead. Oh yeah! I enjoyed the gore fest!

So after watching the first six episodes of The Walking Dead, I stopped and took a rest. But here's the catch. When I walked outside of my room and went outside the house to check on my laundry, I thought that Brunei has turned into an abandoned city. Just like the serenity of some shots in The Walking Dead. Then I realized, matagal na palang ganito ang Brunei. Wala talagang tao.

Also an effect of watching The Walking Dead, I lose my appetite in eating spaghetti with meatballs for the past days. Who wouldn't especially if you have almost 6 hours of seeing exploding brains, zombies eating human flesh and a sea of decomposing bodies. #Kaloka


I don't know if it's just my imagination or it's real that I saw someone walking like a zombie. Seriously, dugo na lang ang kulang sa damit, pasok na sa cast ng The Walking Dead.


Watching the series The Walking Dead gave me an inspiration to imagine my own ghost story. The jungle and serenity of the city of Brunei are the perfect location.  

Actually, I was talking to my dad about my idea. He said, "Siguraduhin mong hindi ka sigaw sigaw!" Nung nanuod kasi kami, sigaw ako ng sigaw. Kulang na lang, mabingi siya.

I answered, "Ako pa!"

The wind blew and the door slammed again.

I screamed.

Tapang-tapangan, FAIL!

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