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As of you all know, this year's Brunei's Who's Got Talent is made differently from the past seasons. First, the contestants or semi-finalists are asked to pick an artist through a draw. We, the contestants, have to pick a song that's performed by the artist. Second, if we get in to the grand finals, we have to perform two songs: one is the song from the artist that we picked and one song of our choice.

So, wanna my journey in the Semi-Finals Round of Brunei's Who's Got Talent? Wanna watch my performance? Read on!

 I was nervous during the semi-finals round. It's my first time to sing a rock song on stage and in a competition. So basically, it's a very challenging task for me.

Prior to the competition, as you all know, I picked the rock band named The Killers. It's an american rock band that popularizes the songs such as "Mr. Brightside," "Human," "Read my mind" and a lot more.

So came the actual day of the semi finals round. I was the second to the last semi-finalists who performed.

I performed, as the host said, a mind-blowing performance. Truth is, I was very happy with my performance. I enjoyed it and it's as I owned the stage. I felt like I was just doing my concert.

But of course, it's not that easy to piece the puzzle of a rock performance. Days before the competition, apart from rehearsing the song, I had to do my own choreography. Since I can dance and groove a bit, I used it to my advantage. The result: I was able to shake and groove on stage like a rock star.

While I picked The Killers as the artist, I put a twist on my performance. I made Adam Lambert as the peg for my performance. And so, I watched his videos over and over just to get the feel of his presence on stage and performances.  The result, I got the rocker vibe on stage. In fact, some of my friends and some strangers were teasing me like Brunei's Adam Lambert.

On the semi-finals round, I got one problem. I was not feeling okay on that day. Perhaps, I was just nervous or whatever but I just felt sick. I was coughing a bit and yeah, my mind was going crazy over anxiety. But with discipline on not drinking cold water and oily food, I was able to restore my voice on the performance night.

Great People, Great Support!

I was very thankful and overwhelmed with the support that I got from my friends here in Brunei. They really made a HUGE effort to show their support for me.

From voting for me since the start of the competition up to taking the journey with me on the last performances, they're with me. They're just amazing. And seriously, I owe to them that I was able to reach in this stage of the competition, the semi-finals.

Now, this is the time to really thank them.

First, I would like to thank the Expression People namely Matet, Michelle, Carem, Franz, Jasper, Tonet, Shiela, Jack, Ian and Reggie for really rocking the house for me. They made banners and brought balloons to cheer for me. Seriously, this gesture really pumped up my confidence to perform well on stage. Plus, I was soooooo overwhelmed with their screaming! It rocked the Airport Mall! In Filipino, KABOG!

Me and Jack!

Franz, Me, Jasper, Michelle, Shiela, and Matet

Michelle and Matet

The Gang!

Second, I would like to thank Soc and Jom for styling my clothes. Seriously, I wouldn't be able to achieve the glam rock or ala-Adam Lambert look without them. They were so patient and supportive in dressing me up. From checking clothes in the mall up to styling clothes that I have, their hands are just magical. They transformed me into star! As such, the feeling complimented my presence on stage. And not just on stage, some were even commenting that they loved my glam rock look.

Glam Rock!

Joms and Soc! The hands behind my glam rock outfit!
A guy wanted to have picture with me! He's so amazed with my look! hehe

Third, I would like to thank all my friends from UBD, from the church, from my choir, and all those who supported me. I was very happy as I walked in any corner of the event venue, my friends were there. They really made my day especially in wishing me luck. I was overwhelmed with their support for me.
Supah Friends Lisa and Elna! Ganda!
Julio teasing me for an autography signing! lol
With Hazel, Joms and Mizna

Lastly, I would like to thank Tony Moly Brunei for the hair and make-up. They took good care of my glam rock look. From achieving smokey eyes up to some glamorous hair, they made me feel simply amazing!

With make-up artist Lyn.
You can check out Tony Moly Brunei at No. 28, Ground Floor, Airport Mall, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

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My Performance in the Semi-finals Round

It's time for you to watch my performance in the semi-finals of Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3!This performance gave me a spot in the TOP 10 or in the Grand Finals of Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3! Enjoooooy!

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