Friday, December 2, 2011


My officemates Soc and Jomai have been very supportive of me on my Who's Got Talent journey. That's evident from the moment I told them about my plan to go for a glam rock look or Adam Lambert-ish vibe; they've started looking for pictures online to doll me up!

So yesterday, we were all out to not only dine in a budget-friendly restaurant and celebrate my achievement in passing the IELTS test, we hunt for clothes that will help me achieve my glam rock fashion ensemble.

Wanna see the styling they did for me? Read on in this exciting special fashion 101 session!

Soc, Joms and I went to Times Square. The first shop that we visited was Bingo. It had some long sleeves on sale and the coat had reasonable prices. And so, the moment Soc and Joms laid their eyes on some of the outfits, they started asking me to fit some. Seriously, we were just ecstatic about the moment. All we knew then, we were enjoying mix and matching pieces.

Red and Ravishing. The first outfit that they asked me to wear is the Satin Red Long Sleeves with a Coat. They folded the sleeves and covered it up with the sleeves. As suggested, the look shall give me a spanking rock but very casual vibe.

In this picture, I am not yet wearing the skinny jeans that I bought. For the shoes, I will be wearing a black and pointed shoes.

Back-to-Back Black with a Tie. The second look is shot at Ego. The girls tried something like a black over black effect. This time, I was already wearing the skinny black jeans. On the side, Soc and Joms asked to add a very slim neck tie.

Black-to-Black. Soc and Joms asked me to unbutton the upper portion of the long sleeves. Then there's the black coat. The look gave some casual rock look.

After some Fashion 101 Session at Times Square, we also checked out the Mall to find some outfits.

Rugged Rock. Soc tried to experiment on a Turtle Neck outfit on me. And yes, surprisingly, such fashion style complimented my physique. Despite not having a long neck, the clothing looked okay on me.

Coat on High.The coat was back. On top of my turtle neck top, Soc added the black coat. This is the black coat that I purchased.

Frankly, the Fashion 101 Session was just enjoyable. I learned a lot from Soc and Joms who are our design directors in our company.

On top of that, I was very happy with what I bought, a skinny black jeans and a black coat. At least, I have something to use on some special occasions, especially now that singing engagements and hosting stints are just around the festive season.

So what do you think of my outfits? As I wrote this one, we have decided to go on the Ravishing Red as to achieve an Adam Lambert look. Of course, there will be some styling of the hair and make-up. Yes, the eye liner should be IN.

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