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After weeks of voting and a night of the Semi-finals round, finally, the TOP 4 best performances were crowned in Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3! The news is, I didn't win. But even if I didn't win, I was just so haaaaaapppy with my performance because I knew that I gave my best and I really owned the stage.

Now, let me share to you my exciting journey! Read on and see the behind-the-scenes in the competition. Plus, watch my performances on the grandious night.

I was very honored when I got in the TOP 10 of Brunei's Who's Got talent Season 3. That's because apart from the confidence that I got from the fact that the judges believed in my talent, I got another step in getting a chance to win in the grand finals.

The Grand Finals was very exciting and challenging. We had the semi-finals on Saturday night and the Grand Finals followed on a Sunday night. With that, there's just few hours to prepare for the next performance.

For the Grand Finals, we were asked to perform two songs. One is from the song of the artist that we picked and one is our choice. In my case, I picked the song "Human" by the Killers and "Listen" by Beyonce.

I put a twist in the song "Human." Instead of singing it in the rendition by the Killers, I made into a ballad. My objective was to show to the judges the versatility that I can offer as an artist. Coming from a rock performance in the semi-finals, my idea was to bring in a new twist.

On the side, to match the ballad version, Soc and Joms made a formal outfit for me. I wore a black long sleeves, a gray vest, a gray neck tie and a coat. I also had my skinny jeans and black leather shoes. Of course, hair and make-up by Tony Moly.

Joms and Soc: My Fashion Stylist!

For the second song, I performed a male cover of Beyonce's popular song "Listen." To match the melodious rendition of the song, Soc and Joms asked me to wear a simple V-neck black shirt, a coat and a scarf. There was the yellow colour to spruce up the ensemble.

Overall, I was very proud of my performance during the Grand Finals. In fact, I felt blessed during the performance night. As prior to the roll out of the competition, I observed mass in the morning and offered prayers. I asked God to guide my performance, to make it smooth. God never failed me. He made my wish come true.

I was the first to perform in both rounds. Unimaginable, God blessed me with his power. I didn't even feel an spike of nervousness during my performance. My lyrics were all correct, I was packed with stage presence and I loved how my voice registered with my microphone. Although in the beginning of each performances, there was some technical problems, I handled everything with stage presence.

The Real Winner, Real People

I didn't win in the Grand Finals of Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3. Inspite of it, I felt like I'm a winner. With all the positive feedback that I got from some of the people,I'm humbled.

At this point, I would like (again and again, even if it takes a million times) to thank the people who supported me all the way. For all my screaming friends and even to all strangers who came up to me just to congratulate me with my stunning performance, I couldn't say more. I was so touched.

To me, the real winner in the competition is the people who believed in me. I wouldn't be in the competition without them. They're the winner in my heart.

New Experience, A Winning Outlook

I just love my friends. Win or lose, they're just very supportive of me. So when the announcement was made on stage, while there's some undeniably dismay with the results as they believed that I deserve to win a spot in the Top 4, they stood by to congratulate me with their sweet words. To them, I am a champion. Even some strangers came to me and congratulated me with my performances.

Actually and honestly, I expected that at least, I'll get a chance to win a spot in the top 4. I was hoping that I could ace the 4th or 3rd Spot. That's because I knew from the semi-finals and even in the finals round that I did my best. But then again, I really can't blame the judges on the final decision. After all, it was a close fight among the grand finalists. We were all great.

I learned a lot in being part of the competition. From day one of the auditions, the weekly voting, and all the radio interviews and up to the final performance, as I said in my radio interview, win or lose, it's about the journey of experiencing the challenge and to grow as an artist. That up to this point is what I hold on to. I believe in that.

I am so happy to make my country, the Philippines, oh so proud. Known to be the hub of great performers in the world, the Philippines is where I started my grounds as a performer. From being an active choir member in my hometown in Lagro, where Miriam Quiambao, 1st Runner-up of the 1999 Miss World, lives, up to being trained at Center for Pop Music Philippines and in singing and winning in various singing competitions, such experiences honed me as a performer by heart.

Of course, I would like to give credit to my choir here in Brunei for believing in my talent and for all the training. And just recently, I joined another choir to expand my network on the performing arts.

I am also touched with hundreds of cheers from my family friends in the Philippines through Facebook and Twitter. Even they're not here with me, I can feel their support. My every post was flooded with likes and goodluck wishes! Thank you very much!

Another lesson that I learned is that giving your all and sharing your talent is very important. During the finals round, I was so ecstatic to sing my songs because it's my way of thanking those people who voted for me. It's like, Earvs gives back for I really owe everyone, bigtime. From spending their dollars just to vote for me and all the way to making it to the venue to cheer and bring out the loudest applause, they really deserve a good performance from me. Thankfully, I was able to deliver.

Jc, Vlad, Me, Anne, and Tim

John, Vlad, Me, Anne, and Tim!

Anne, Vlad, Windol, Shantelle, JC, Ms. Jing, Me and Tim!

John, Vlad, Me, Anne and Tim!
Kuya Rhenee and me!
Ian, me and Matet!

Michelle and Reggie!

Third, Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3 is a challenging yet humbling experience. It is through this competition that I was able to go out of my comfort zone in performing. Plus, I am able to develop so much confidence in performing - from handling technical problems up to bringing down the house with so much energy.
Performance shot courtesy of John!

Performance shot courtesy of John!

On the side, as the consolation prize was being awarded to me, one of the big bosses of Bmobile, the event producer, told me that I really have an amazing voice. And as I walked down and thanked the staff, one of the managers told me that they'll call me for future performances. I smiled and thanked here.

Lastly, through this competition, I have proven that God has just enlightened with a dilemma that I've been thinking for the past months. To me, with all my prayers and chit chat with God, everything is now settled on my side. As I was impressed with what I delivered on stage and what I have achieved, I realize that God has something for me; something bigger and better. As Sir Rommel was teasing me last night, yeah, it's time for a PhD. Indeed, God listens to our prayers. And in his time, what we wish will be in the perfect time and place.

Overall, joining Brunei Who's Got Talent Season 3 will be the last competition that I will join in. I (hopefully) will pursue a PhD overseas next year. Of course, I'll still be singing. I'll be singing to serve God and yeah, to entertain people. God has given me this talent not to keep for myself but to share and share!!!!!

As I talked to God last night, I thanked him for blessing me with sooooo many blessings. I may not won the competition but I have a line-up of singing engagements and hosting for the following weeks.

Winning Shot by John with my name on it! Thank you!

I sang a ballad version of the song "Human" by The Killers. As you can see, I have to go down because the microphone that was given to me wasn't working.

I sang a male cover of Beyonce's Listen. And yes, I had to go down again because this time, the operator played the different song.

Thank you very much again for those who supported and for those who believed in my talent.

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