Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yesterday, I was absent at work. With the back-aching and throat-harassing activities that I had for the past weeks in preparation for Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3, my body finally complained. I got sick. I had a sore throat and yes, I got a bit of coughing. So, to not make things worse, I sought after a doctor and I was asked to take a bed rest. Thankfully, now, I'm feeling gooooood. The medicines, bed rest and gallons of water worked for my recovery.

As I was resting yesterday, I realized that I've been receiving a lot of blessings from God. And these blessings just come in perfect timing especially on helping me decide on things that confuse my life right now.

When the month of December started, the only wish that I asked from God was to pass my IELTS. I tool the exam in November 19 and I got the results in December 2.

Knee-shaking as the experience of seeing my results was, God granted my wish. I passed the IELTS with the scores that I also wanted. I really asked for specific scores because I wanted to study in other University Overseas. As I've been checking the IELTS score requirements in other Universities and in each department, I now what's needed to be accepted. So there, God granted my early Christmas gift.

After, here came Brunei Who's Got Talent Season 3. I was part of the TOP 20 who will perform in the semi-finals. Indeed, it's another blessing. Through a national voting system, I got into the initially Top 16 and eventually became Top 20. I was humbled.

As the competition started, I had a good time enjoying all the mentoring and exposure. I got to be mentored by some artists. And yes, I had the chance to showcase my "talkative" self through a radio interview, which I recorded. All of these contributed in my fantasy of becoming a star even for a day.

When the semi-finals began, God granted again my wish. I got into the Finals round or the Top 10. And hours before the finals started, I prayed to God to guide me in my performance, to make it smooth. I had my rosary in my pocket all through out the competition. Yes, God again granted my wish. Although I didn't win, I knew in my heart that I'm a real winner to those who witnessed my performance.

I may not won the competition, blessings still poured. As of writing, I have three weekend events to participate in. I am scheduled to sing in a New Year's eve show. And I am to host an annual dinner and a Filipino gathering. I am so blessed.

As much as I thought God has stopped surprising me, I am shocked again with a new treat. Last Monday night, while I was with my officemates in our simple and intimate annual dinner,  a good news popped out in my mail. My MA paper was chosen the National Research Council for a presentation in a conference in the Philippines in January. I was so overjoyed that I screamed in the restaurant. I was humbled.

Actually, I never thought that my paper will still get in. That's because the deadline of announcing the research that passed the review was supposed to be released last November.

Another surprise that got me was the fact that the conference date is in time with my Father's birthday! Having said this, I'm just inspired to prepare my paper and yeah, aim to have (even for a while) a grand time with my family in the Philippines.

While I haven't recovered from all the surprises, I received another good news this morning. My research paper is selected as one of the six research papers that will be published by UP Open University on its maiden online journal called UP OU Student Journal. God, I'm speechless.

The signs are here. God has plans for me to pursue my PhD. At the moment, I have to sharpen my academic portfolio. I'm just excited to teach in the future!

With all these blessings, I really couldn't help but shed a tear at some point. During a mass, I discreetly cried. When I was alone in my room, I cried. When I was praying to God, tears flowed on my cheeks. When I was eating alone, tears again flowed. But I was not sad at these times. My heart is just filled with so much happiness. Left and right, God has been granting all my wishes. I am really overwhelmed.

To say thank you to God for everything is not enough. And so, I really promise to serve him more. That's through sharing my talent and imparting my knowledge to others. I know that God has his reasons why he brought me here in Brunei and he has been giving me with all these things.

As one of my colleagues told me yesterday while we were seated in the clinic, "You achieved a lot in your 4 years of stay in Brunei. You're already popular. You know, Brunei is a small country." I replied with a humble heart. I said, "God is guiding me lah."

Before the year ends, I am wishing for good health for me and for my family. On top of that, I am wishing that God grant me my other dream: to get a scholarship overseas and have my PhD. I know, in God's might hands, he will make his ways for me. But of course, all the actions shall come on my end.

My friend once told me that when we wish, it should be specific. I doubted at first but I tried. Now I know, there's truth in what my friend uttered.

Now, I pray not only with specific intentions or wishes. I prayed not only for myself, but also for the people around me.

Thank you Lord. Thank you very much. For you really made my life oh-so blessed and special.

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