Monday, January 2, 2012


Despite living alone here in Brunei, I had my share of an exciting way in welcoming 2012. Since most of my friends slash foster family were still in the Philippines for their vacation, I just celebrated the New Year's Eve at the Empire Hotel and Country Club. I performed at Brunei's seven star hotel.

Read on to know more.

My December has been packed with hosting and singing stints. Apart from hosting Yeng Constantino's concert, to be invited and perform at Empire Hotel and Country Club for a New Year's Eve Special was one of the highlights in my singing career.

Thanks to Teacher Marieta, I became part of a band. Teacher Marieta was on vocals and keyboard, while her husband Simon was on guitars. I was on vocals. We performed at Spaghettini. (pictures to follow courtesy of Marieta).

In preparation of welcoming the year of the dragon, I put coins in my window and bought 12 kinds of round fruits to attract a prosperous year. But since I'm away on the eve, I didn't prepare a dinner.

Prior to my performance on New Year's Eve, I arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon at Empire Hotel. I had to because the censorship committee will check on some of our songs and our clothing.

As soon as the censorship was done, Marieta and Simon went home first while I just opted to stay in the hotel. Since I didn't have a booking and I won't dare to book as the fees are tooooo expensive, I just watched a movie at the Empire Cinema. I watched "Jack and Jill."

After I watched a movie, I had an hour to consume. So, I decided to take a walk around. And there, I sat in a bench and watched the waves in the sea. I also reviewed some of the songs that I'll be singing.

The Empire Hotel!


Soon, the clock hit at 7 pm and I was with Marieta and Simon at Ligong Restaurant. We had our dinner which costs BND95.00 (around 3,000 pesos). Right after eating, we went to Spaghettini to perform.

We performed in three sets. There were a 15 minute interval.

I enjoyed my performances. I sang varied selections ranging from contemporary and classic love songs. On the side, Marieta wowed the audience with her melodious renditions of some love songs.

Our performance was a lounge type. The people were seated with their dinner.

The staff at Spaghettini!

As soon as we finished our set, it was already 11:30. So, we're left with 30 minutes to welcome 2012.  The staff of spaghettini gave us some drink. After, we went down and waited for the balloon drop.

The dragon is oh so ready!

And yes, the highlight of the night, the balloon drop. Watch the video below!

Happy 2012!

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