Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Normally, I lay my New Year's Resolution before 12 midnights strikes. But since I was just sooooo busy last December, I didn't get a chance to sit down and reflect. It's only now that I have the time to ponder on what I want to achieve this 2012.

I have some goals for 2012. Now let's start the ball rolling.

1. Be healthy. To be healthy is my top priority for this year. With some uric acid attack, my body is being warned to be more conscious of what I eat. Having said this, I am targeting to eat more fruits and veggies, lessen intake of protein-rich food and avoid peanuts (Kaloka). On the side, I will definitely seek a doctor's advice on a proper diet and get some medicines (if needed).

2. Exercise. I am not targeting a "Hunkilicious" body. Since I know that I'm chubby, my figure or size is definitely far  from being that body that allures over billboard. To achieve a healthy me, I promise to be consistent in exercising everyday! Thanks to my dance routines, I'm able to sweat for one hour and a half.

3. Uni Hunt. As you all know, I am planning to take higher education; either I go for another MA or proceed with the PhD. As of the moment, this year will be the year to break or make my dream of being accepted in a University overseas and get a scholarship.

4. Read more. Reading is one of my favorite past time. I love reading books by Gaiman, Murakami, Coehlo, and a lot more. I also love reading books written by Filipino authors; such fancy always leads me to buying books in the Philippines on my vacation. So, this year, it's gonna be a year to enrich the mind.

5. Blog more. As my way of coping solitude and homesickness, I will blog more. For this year, I promise to "humanize" myself. I would also love to post more entertaining and funny entries. Last year I won in a blogging competition. This year, I'll try to join some more.

6. To Find Love. I am turning 30 this year and perhaps it's time to go out of my comfort zone. I would love to try to get on a date and who knows, get in a relationship. Before you hit that "Is-he-desperate" buzzer, let me tell that I am not. Slight lang? LOL

7. Write and Publish a book. I've always wanted to produce my own book. A book that is ground-breaking and yes, fictional. So for this year, I am hoping for this goal to come in fruition. Together with my college friends and some funding, we will make it happen.

8. Travel. I've been investing my money on something, on my future. This is the reason why I don't have that much budget for travel. But for this year, I am aiming to travel in at least (minimum) of two countries (Philippines and Brunei is not included- duh?). So hopefully, with my goal setting, I can set some budget and explore the beauty of other countries.

9. Save more. I definitely would save more in preparation of my wedding, este of my schooling. Should I get a scholarship, my savings will cover up the monthly dues for my investment.

10. Be patient. I would love to be more patient this year. While I was patient in driving my goals last year, this year will be filled with more positivity and prayers. I'm holding on that.

11. To be home by December. Should God allow me to be accepted in a University in 2013, I promise to be home by December this year. I want to once again experience Christmas and New Year celebration with my family and future special someone (chos).

12. My 30th Birthday Celebration. I don't have yet an exact plan on my 30th birthday celebration but I would like it to be special and memorable. I want it to be something creative and interactive. Plus, I would like to have all my dear friends to be there on my special day. Hopefully, I'll be in the Philippines for my 30th party.

13. Sing Praises. I promise to continue serving the Lord and sharing my talent by singing. God has blessed me with so  many things and I owe him bigtime.

14. Rakets. I would love to have more "rakets" this year. That will depend on the people around me if they still need my talent. hehehe.

15. Invest on Books. As part of my goal on reading more, I plan to invest on books this year. Primarily, I am targeting books on media, communication and fiction.

16. Try some new fashion. I'm not into fashion but on some occasions, especially when I host an event or I'm asked to perform in an event, I am forced to at least be presentable. Given this, 2012 will definitely be a year of getting a new fashion.

17. Beach on Summer. I am definitely enjoying my summer vacation in a beach. It's either with my family or friends, whoever will come with me, I am claiming that summer-rampa is in!

18. Get a Gadget. It's been a while since I bought a gadget. So for 2012, I am rewarding myself with a gadget. I am thinking of an iPad or a new laptop; something that I can use for my upcoming scholastic sojourn.

19. Research and Publish. My 2012 opens with my research paper being accepted in a conference in the Philippines. With this opportunity and sign, I am aiming to do more research this year.  And with God's will,

20. Meet Bloggers and Twitter Friends. I am hoping that I'll be able to meet some bloggers this year and yes, some of my twitter followers.

21. Work on a Budget. To save more, yes, working on a budget is a must.

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