Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last night, I attended the Fab event called Brunei Tweet Up at Each A Cup in the Airport Mall. Organized by Delwin Keasberry, the man behind and @BruneiTweet, the FAB February Brunei Tweet Up gathered bloggers, twitterers and social media enthusiasts in Brunei. And yes, I was invited.

Wanna know more about the exciting meet and greet? Read on.

Days before the FAB event, I received an invitation from Delwin about the Tweet up. Through Facebook, I was tagged via an online poster.

Just a brief background on how I met Delwin of

As I was organizing the launch of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf last year in Times Square, Delwin helped me, a lot. Since I didn't know the "netizens" in Brunei who could help me mount the CBTL and "Caring Cup" launch, Delwin assisted me in getting contacts. Delwin also suggested some creative approaches on how to mobilize the people of Brunei via online promotions.

My CBTL has a positive feedback and was indeed a success. Bloggers, twitterers, media personalities and a lot more came. Unfortunately, Delwin wasn't able to attend. He was outstationed at that time.

So in return to Delwin's deeds in helping me out, I support whatever advocacy or projects he creates in Brunei. In my mind, Brunei needs people like him to develop the countries commitment on mobilization and social participation toward positive change.

So, going back to his invitation, I confirmed to attend. I was also excited to meet new faces in Brunei.

I arrived at 10 minutes pass 8. I immediately looked for Delwin and greeted him. Right after, I went around to check on the youngsters who were in colorful and distinct costumes. Then I realized, they're cosplayers.

I started to interview some of the cosplayers. Since I'm not quite familiar with what characters they represent, I squeezed more information.

Based on my interview, I found out that cosplay is not limited to dressing up like in an anime ensemble. As clarified by one of the cosplayers, cosplay is about dolling up yourself with any character you want to act out or portray. Mostly, the characters cosplayers pick are their favorites. On a different note,from the union of the words "Cos" from "Costume" and "Play" for "Play," cosplay is about wearing a costume of a character of your choice in popular media and (in full confidence) acting it out.

Cosplayers in action!

Apart from knowing the concept of cosplay among cosplayers, I also found out the preparations they do to achieve such character. Since I was intrigued with some cosplayers' colourful wigs, I asked where did they buy it. Most of them said they bought it overseas or via online. And with regards to their outfit, they really do research on their favourite characters and meticulously piece every detail of the costume. I asked one guy on how much did he spend on his costume and he blew me away with his revelation. Imagine, he bought his clothes for about 475 Brunei Dollars. In pesos, BND475 is around 14,250. Don't worry, I understand them. It's their love or passion for cosplay that keeps the whopping price of costume with a priceless punch.

This guy got his sword from the US. His costume costs BND475!

With the interaction with the cosplayers, of course, they revealed to me that they normally get together in different events in Brunei. From starting as a small group of cosplay enthusiasts, they've now fully grown in an organization and some Bruneians are joining in. Too bad for me, I didn't get the name of their organization. I was just overwhelmed with their energetic persona.

My interest on cosplay didn't stop after my casual interviews. Of course, I had to take some pictures with them. It's a souvenir. It's rare. And it's just fun.

Apart from the cosplayers, Nadz or Nadzri was also in the event to entertain the crowd with his AMAZING talent in doing magic. Nadz was my co-grand finalist during Brunei's Who's Got Talent Season 3 competition.

Nadz caught doing his tricks!

A guest was surprised!

Nadz was in his element last night. He "wowed" the people. In fact, I was also impressed with his tricks. From rubber bands, cards and balloons as props, he's just spectacular. Interestingly, he's not your typical magician who wears a hat, gloves and a black coat. He's dressed casually but acted out extraordinarily. 
A kid was amazed to find his mobile phone inside the balloon.

All of those who came in the Tweep Up received a treat from Each a cup. Everyone had a drink of their choice. Since yours truly is a milk tea fanatic, I ordered my all-time favorite from Each a Cup, their Pearl Milk Tea with small pearls. Of course, to get your drink, you have to register.

people on queue!

My fave Pearl Milk Tea!

I enjoyed the evening. It was refreshing to see the youngsters of Brunei to come out from their online hubs, gather, have fun and socialize (face-to-face). On my side, too bad, I didn't get to meet some twitterers as I was so busy juicing out information from the cosplayers and was catching Nadz do his jaw-dropping magic. By the time I finished taking photos, the event's energy was about to conclude. Also, it was getting late then.

An aerial view of the crowd.

I hope Brunei would have more Tweet Up. Thanks to Delwin for doing the initiative - from organizing and publicizing the event. It was a great event!

Me and Delwin
The event didn't only provide an avenue to acquaint everyone from the online to the offline world. It also served as a participatory approach on, who knows, possibly, camaraderie or nation building.

Congratulations to Brunei's Tweet Up! Congratulations Delwin, and @BruneiTweet

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