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 Can you believe it? February went by just like that. And before we head to the month of graduation (referring to the Philippine's calendar), March, let me look back on what happened in my month of love, yes, February or Feb-Ibig (February + Pag-ibig (Love in Filipino).

I enjoyed this month for so many reasons. All of the aspects of my life were just fantabulous as you can read below. Apparently, I may have been cursed to not experience "special love" for the month of love as I was "date-less" (virtual or real) on Valentine's day. Then again, it's not a big deal for me. As long as I'm happy with what I have- family, friends and lot of blessings, I should be very grateful.

Again, I am using a grading system for evaluating my life this February or Feb-ibig. I may have worked well in some areas but there are some which I was just on a plateau and some with a bit of improvement.

Wanna know the chika? Read on.

 In a peaceful and quiet country like Brunei, you really can't find bars or lounges where you can drunk yourself, hook with someone and get a hangover the next day. I tell you, this is not the place to be especially if you're a party animal. But looking on the bright side, Brunei is blessed with people who can help you at least to cope up with the that "i-wanna-party" feeling. In my case, thanks to meeting new people and going out with my friends, life in Brunei has been bearable for the past 4 years.

The reason I'm fine with Brunei is that the peacefulness matches my preferred lifestyle. Not that I'm a very quiet person (okay, lots of my friends will disagree with me being quiet!) and I'm a retiree (duh?), but because I prefer simple, intimate yet fun meet ups which normally happen in a nearby coffee shop or dining hub. On top of that, I would rather go for a coffee chit chat than a hard core liquor drinking session (too behave noh?).  I just don't like the taste of the liquor (except for Chardonnay and Baileys) and the chaos after the drinking fest. As far as I can remember, my only encounter with the punch of a liquor is during special occasions - preferably on New Year's Eve or in a birthday party. That's it. Nothing more.

So how does partying and liquor connect in my evaluation? Nothing. I just want to talk. Seeeee? #hahaha

Now, let me share to you how I juggle my life in the month of love. Join me as well as I evaluate my so called liquor-free and sex-dry life. #hahaha

Social Life -  1.00 (Excellent)

While I've been used to eating alone at lunch time with a book by my side, I can say that my social life has levelled up for this month. This may have been the reason why I didn't long for a special someone who shares with me in an exquisite dinner or night out coupled with a romantic music and a roll out of sweet stories (cheezyness!). Despite the hole in that romantic sojourn, I still feel blessed with my friends and my family (online of course) around.

For this month, apart from the dinner meet ups with my close friends, I' met a group called B:Read, an organization composed of individuals who love reading and who does book swapping. My first encounter with them was just enjoyable and unforgettable for we were able to exchange stories, insights and fresh perspectives on a wide range of topics - from books, popular culture, television shows and even about movies.

Apart from meeting the people in B: Read, I also attended a Tweet Up. It was an event organized by ProjekBrunei. While I may had not met tweeples during the event, I enjoyed interacting with cosplayers. It even inspired me to conduct a study on its cultural impact. Nerdy right?

Also, our first UP CB Execomm meeting happened this month as well. We discussed some projects which we plan to execute for this year. The projects are really good, even great. I just hope we can make it happen. Fight!

Lastly, I'm now back on our rehearsals with the Serunai Singers. Although I just attended once because of some prior commitments on Mondays, now that my contract extension is somehow settled, I can  attend the practice and hopefully be able to join the concert in April.

Work Life -  1.25 (Very Good)

February is THE peak (pak na pak) season.  A lot of projects from client "avalanched" to our company. Not that I'm complaining but it's a good thing, actually. At least, everyone will be busy. On a positive note, my creative concepts were chosen for consecutive projects. Yey! With that, commissions, come to me! #hahaha

Academic Life -  1.25 (Very Good)

Coming from January, where I presented my paper in the Philippines, I'm still up for more research. So this month, apart from reading academic journals, which I got through subscription, my goal to be published is still rolling. Having said that, I've submitted my abstract for an upcoming conference at the end of the year and I also submitted a proposal on a book chapter. At the moment, I haven't received any confirmation if my proposal abstract is accepted. Thinking positive, yeah!

As you all know, I'm also applying for a PhD. This month, I got an informal interview with a possible PhD Adviser in a University. All went well and I'm hoping that I can pursue the study, of course, with a scholarship to assist. What's more interesting, should I be accepted in the program, I'll be able to teach some advertising and communication classes. Cool eh? I want, I want!

While I have submitted my proposal and has been interviewed in one university, I'm still on the process of refining my PhD proposal which I'm submitting to other universities. At the moment, with more reading sessions at night, I'm now able to piece a clearer picture of my research, especially on its direction and outcome. My research will work on virtuality, migration, family, advertising, and commodification. Welcome to the nerd herd!

Despite drowning myself with reading academic journals and books on media and communication, I still find time to read some relaxing narratives. Unimaginable, I was able to finish four books this month: Amapola by Ricky Lee, Lumayo ka nga sa akin by Bob Ong, Waking the Dead and other Horror Stories by Yvette Tan, and Heartbreak and Magic by Ian Casocot.

Health and Fitness - 1.5 (Good)

Ever since I got pains on my tagiliran (right side of my abdomen), I stopped doing strenuous exercise. I stopped doing sit ups (which is not prescribed to me as I have scoliosis) and I stopped extreme dancing (with all the bend and sudden jumping). So, to still engage in a healthy and active lifestyle, I went back to doing Taichi in the morning. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, I always take a one hour walk in our place. Parang hiking ang drama dahil sa our place is located in "bulubunduking" area. 

On one hand, despite being conscious with what I eat or what I do to maintain a safe and healthy body, there are other activities that may threaten one's safety and security. As you all know, I was bullied by a road bully. I came from a meeting and on my way home, a car suddenly cut me, cut me and even stopped on the road to just hit my car's window, asked me to open my door and screamed in a language which I didn't understand. It was  heart-stopping experience. Too bad, I didn't get the car plate number of the bully! Thank God, I'm safe and I'm alive - blogging on roll, yebah!

Finances: 1.25 (Very Good)

I've always been focused with my expenses. Okay, not really really a hundred percent focused as I spent lots on food for the month of February. I went out with friends and at times, I went out by myself to either catch a movie or dine out. Despite my ballooning expenses, I'm able to save. On top of that, I've banked (good for 10 months) on paying my land in the Philippines. I hope that someday I'll be able to build a house on it. My next target would be to roll out my business budget and plan. Cafe? Restaurant? Book Cafe? Uhm.
Love Life - 2.25 (Satisfactory)

Nothing special happened in my so called love life for this month of LOVE! I was quiet busy with engaging myself with my friends. And with a busy schedule, I didn't even have a time to talk to some of my friends via online. Busy much, I am!

On a positive side, I am on my way to really understanding and accepting the direction of my love life. Yes, magpa-PARI na lang ako. #hahaha. But seriously, I know that special someone is just around the corner. Nahihiya lang siguro sa akin.

The reason why I got a satisfactory rank on this section is because I consider love life as not only limited to sharing one's love to that special someone. In a higher context (trying to justify, you know), it's also about loving yourself and loving others - friends and families.

While I enjoyed pampering myself, I also had a great time with my friends last month. As I blogged about it, apart from the offline and online pornography entry, being with my friends and a constant communication with my family have helped me to be a better social person. While my mouth is unstoppable with stories, I still prefer some "tranquility" especially on my "ME" time. "Me" time means reading a good book or taking a long walk around our place in Kiarong. Or yes, mall strolling and people watching.
GWA: 1.45 (Award, teh!)

Yey! With great improvements and a consistent good performance on various "subjects" of my life, I'm keeping the positivity to live more a healthy, God-fearing and love-filled life.

For the coming month of March, I'm sure that it will gonna be a rollercoaster ride. Apart from the fact that my contract will end, although I'm extended for a few months as I requested for, I'm also on the look out of more better opportunities, plus, the deadline on University application is giving me nauseous pressure. On the side, just before the month of February ended, I got a call from (______) which I won't disclose yet. If I got accepted, it's something big and better. So I'm entrusting everything to God. Let me just take each day one step at a time.

So next week, I'm celebrating my 4th year in Brunei Darussalam. Imagine, 4 years? To be exact, I'll be celebrating my 4th year on 5 March. At the moment, I haven't thought on how to celebrate it as I have a choir rehearsal at night. Probably, devouring a nice cake during lunch time would give a special treat. Let's see.

Hello there March, be good to me! Pak!

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