Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've been staying in Brunei for more than three years now and most of my friends ask me, especially those who want to visit my "kingdom" (char!), on what to explore or simply do in the Abode of Peace, Brunei Darussalam.

Of course, I recommend a few but not all things. Normally, I suggest some places which I visited or things that I enjoyed experiencing. Meanwhile, food eating, city stroll and a visit at Kampong Ayer, the Mosque and the Museums are always on my must-do list.

Surprisingly, Royal Brunei Holidays recently released a video which basically summarizes the hot spots which tourists would love to discover in Brunei Darussalam. I was amazed with the presentation that I was moved to schedule a visit at some places which I haven't explored. Let me check my budget! #hahaha

Wanna watch the marvelous documentary? Read on.

Here is the video from Royal Brunei holidays. Check out the wonderful sights! You may want to book a flight and visit Brunei Darussalam, the abode of peace.

So if you feel like going to Brunei Darussalam, better not miss the places that were featured on the video.

On my side, surprisingly(and unfortunately), I haven't been to the Malay Technology Museum, Royal Regalia Hall, Ulu Ulu Temburong Park and the Gunung Mulu National Park.

So now, I'm thinking of scheduling a tour at the Malay Technology Museum and at the Royal Regalia Hall. Of course, I have to allot some budget for the Ulu Ulu Temburong Park and the Gunung Mulu National Park. Friends, leeeez go!

But hey, If you'll visit Brunei, here's more checklist to try on:

1. Eat Ambuyat (if you dare and love eating something sticky. My friend, Dr. Joey, highly recommends eating Ambuyat with the durian sauce.)
2. Visit Mangrove Paradise Resort Hotel. You can actually stay their and enjoy the amenities - fish spa, seafood fest, sight seeing and a lot more.
3. A visit at "THE MALL," Airport Mall, Times Square, Yayasan Mall, and at Hua Ho Shopping Malls (it's the counterpart of SM-ish mall in Brunei).
4. Eat Satay! You can enjoy a satay eating session at Pasar Gadong. It's actually a grilled chicken or beef which is best eaten by dipping it in a peanut sauce.
5. Visit Jerudong Park. It's one of Brunei's biggest leisure parks. There are a few rides which you can enjoy.
6. Miss not eating Buttered Prawns or Chicken, Keuy Teow, Chicken Rice, Chicken Curry, and yes, Beef Rendang.
7. On the desserts, go for the cake batik. For the drinks, I highly recommend the Teh Tarik or Teh C Special (hot or cold). Try also the ABC, Brunei's version of the Philippines' Halo-Halo.
8. If you want to go for some shopping for souvenirs, you can check out some stalls at The Mall. You can buy shirts, key chains, and a lot more.
9. If you like buying food for pasalubong, better buy the following: Mee Goreng, Teh Tarik, Fish Crackers which is called Keropok, and yes, Tom Yam Paste (if you love making your own shabu-shabu or steam boat).
10. Brunei is also a good place to shop for jewelleries. You can be sure that the gold is real!
11. Few restaurants sell dishes with pork. But if you crave for one, you can check Happy Restaurant in The Mall Area, Gadong. They serve crispy pata. Better yet, check out Filipino or some Chinese Restaurants.
12. Love the beach? Check our Berakas, Pantai Tungku or Muara beach.
13. Jollibee is everywhere in Brunei. Mcdonalds has only one. So the BEE outshone the Clown.
14. If you want to drink some liquor, you have to cross the border to Malaysia and go to Kuala Lurah.

These are some that I can remember. I'll add more information, soon.

Meanwhile, to know more about Ulu Ulu Temburong Park Tour, simply check out:  CLICK


  1. Hi Earvs! =) I was checking out blogs in Brunei at the Expat Website. Then I saw your blog, blessing talaga since I really wanted to ask for travel tips from a Filipino living in Brunei. Hehehe! =) Anyways, I have some inquiries...wish you could help. =) My husband and I are planning to take the Royal Brunei flight with a 10-hr stop over in Brunei. We have decided to take the transit tour. I went through your posts and read about the Empire Hotel. Is that near the city? Can we just go in and look around, or do we have to pay a day trip fee? =)

  2. HI Lady Anne. You can go inside Empire for a walk. Super ganda na hotel. I think, 15 mins away siya sa Airport. Enjooooy!

  3. Hi Ears! Thanks for the tips! We'll be going to Brunei this October. Question though, strict pa din ba sa dress code for girls (no arms, legs exposed)? So girls cant wear sleeveless and skirts in public/ streets or else they'll get stares from other people? Or is it acceptable na?

    1. Hi! yes, you might get stares from others if you wear revealing clothes. But don't worry about that. The people in Brunei are very warm and hospitable too. Enjoy!