Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Gaaaaaaaaawd! This is crazy!

As you all know, I've put myself to a 30-day Fitness Challenge. Well, I haven't really thought of the details of the challenge but at the core of it were to exercise and diet religiously! So yesterday, I started the first day of my challenge.

Of course, I also checked my weight with the a weighing scale which I recently bought.

So, if you're excited how far will I go in this "trimdown" journey, read on.

I was suppose to practice with my Serunai choir last Monday night. Apparently, upon arriving in the venue, I learned that the concert will be held on May. Unfortunately, I won't be here on May as I'm attending my graduation at the University of the Philippines Open University in Los Banos Laguna, Philippines. Moving forward, after the chit chat with some of my choir members and as soon as the chorale conductor hit the piano, I just decided to go home.

Since I decided that I'll enroll myself on a strict fitness routine, before doing so, I had an okay-I'll-eat-whatever-I-want moment last Monday.Since I was also celebrating my 4th year anniversary in Brunei Darussalam, eating was just justifiable on a celebratory mood. I had shawarma and I even had magnum ice cream for dessert.  So as I enjoyed the big serving at London Kebab and the ice cream in my room, I told myself, "It's gonna be the last time I'll have this pig out session for tomorrow is dooooms day! (insert thunder!)"

After I finished my monstrous meal, I relaxed for a bit and started to plot out my 30-day fitness challenge. While there's a big focus on exercising (Yeah, Taichi and walking), I also added the concept of eating more bananas and a surprisingly "no-rice" and less carb programme.

Tuesday morning, I started to weigh in. And I was just shocked. Guess my weight?


Before I came in Brunei, I was 140 lbs or 64 Kilos. Now, gaaaaaawd, I now hit the weighing scale at 75 kilos. Imagine that? And in my height of 5'4, the normal weight should be at least 140 lbs or even less.

So upon realizing how "godzilla-ish" I've become for the past years of delighting my taste buds with absolutely irresistible cuisine and desserts, I put an end on a ballooning reality. So there, I signed up for my personal 30-day fitness challenge. t

The first day was just stressful. Seriously. Why? There's just some adjustments especially on my diet and yes, exercising routines.

For the first day, here's what I had:

For breakfast, I had one sliced apple. I was very ecstatic in preparing it because I recently bought a small chopping board and knife to make my way to "eating" healthy food.

For Lunch, the most challenging was not to have RICE at all. I didn't eat the rice on my plate and I only had veggies. I was hoping to had a fish in my order but the waitress must had not heard what I ordered. So I just had pure vegetables!

Then, for snacks, I had two bananas since I felt a bit hungry.

So after work, I exercised for an hour. I did some Taichi moves and some walking.

And at night, I had four boiled bananas and one slice of whole meal bread. While there's that feeling of wanting to barge into the kitchen and eat a bread with a slice of cheese, I controlled myself. Instead, I just rehearsed the song that I'll be performing in an upcoming event.

On top of these eating, I was drinking lots of water! Since I have a history of high uric acid, a best way to tame the raging acid was through putting a water hose in your stomach, kidding! So yeah, drink lots of water.

So, perhaps you're wondering what's the feeling of taking that big step on fitness?

I can say that the first day was just crazy and challenging. I felt dizzy, yeah noh? I felt irritable, a bit. And I had some "Am I gonna accomplish this 30-day challenge?" to myself. Positively, despite the mixture of ups and downssss, I made it. I'm still alive.

Why loose weight? Not only that I want to achieve an ooooozing body which is perfect for the summer season in the Philippines (insert, really???), I also want to loose the fats that I've been nursing for the past years. Plus, our family has a history of diabetes and highblood pressure. In fact, my mom had diabetes and highblood when she had a stroke and died.  So with this reality, it's really best to be cautious by eating properly and exercising regularly. So, enough of procastination!

Then again, while I felt that the first day was tough, I was happy to find out that with less eating and exercise, I weighed in at 73 Kilos this morning. Perhaps it's my morning weight or I really haven't put anything in my tummy, except for one glass of milk. But looking on the bright side, yeah, at least eating less and exercising paved way for it.

So now, I'm off to my second day. As of writing, I'm munching on some apples in my desk. Healthy noh?

Wish me luck.

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