Sunday, March 18, 2012


It’s the weekend and it was challenging for me to cope up with my fitness challenge. Positively, I was able to enjoy the weekends without the guilt of enjoying yummylicious food in a nearby restaurant at siempre sa bahay with my home-cooked meal.

On my 12th and 13th day, I had some sweet treat to myself.  Well, apart from the katotohanan na it’s a craving, the sweet treat was also a reward for my focus and dedication in this fitness challenge. So may siraan ng diet na naganap? Kalurkey!

Meanwhile, I can feel that my body is still adjusting with my food diet. Take note, I don’t starve myself. Bawas kain lang talaga at bonggang disiplina. On the side, may paminsan-minsang brown rice.

Wanna know what reward I had for the weekend?


12 days na ang nakakaraan and hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga nagaganap. Oo nga’t I loose some weight na. Imagine, bawas rice yan, disiplina sa pagkain at bonggang exercise.

Since late lunch kami pag Saturday at half day kami,dinamihan ko na lang ang breakfast ko. Take note, I didn’t eat rice or some heavy meal. I had two slices of fibre-rich bread, one apple and grapes.

I was busy-busyhan on Saturday. I was checking some files for our client’s project. Sa pagkabusy ko, hindi ko naubos ang breakfast ko in one go. So whenever I was free, I munched on my apples and enjoyed the grapes. Feeling cleopatra mode.

Lunch came and I joined my supah friend Elna at Swensen. I ordered the chicken sourdough and had Iced lemon tea for drinks.

As I was eating with Elna, I felt that my stomach ay nagreklamo. Mabilis akong nabusog. With some fries and one sandwich, busog agad. So binaon ko na lang pauwi yung tira ko.

After eating, Elna and I went to the grocery. Yours truly shopped for some healthy treats. I had some mushroom balls, shripms, mee, veggies and fish cubes. With what I bought, I was thinking of making a steamed meal.

When I reached home, I rested for a while. By the clock hit 7, I exercised. Ganadong ganado ako magexercise dahil nakikita ko naman na ang resulta sa katawan ko.

As I was exercising, I felt happy that I was able to resist my craving for a pearl milk tea. Sabi ko sa sarili, saka na yang milk tea na yan. Isa pa, nakakatamad lumabas ng bahay at magdrive.

Soon, I was enjoying my dinner. I had brown rice, chicken adobo (skinless) and the bread from Swensen.


I was suppose to go to Tasek with Elna and Ma’am Betsy. But since I had a hard time sleeping, I slept  super late na. Mga alas tres na ako  nakatulog.

Since I was scheduled to sing the responsorial psalm on Sunday, I didn’t exercise in the morning, I opted to get more sleep dahil iba ang timpla ng boses ko pag puyat. Nag-ka-crack. Kalurkey lang.

For my breakfast, I just ate some almonds and drank a hot milk.

After the mass, I passed by Giant Supermarket. I bought some bananas. I also stopped by at Mum’s Bakery to get some pandesal.

For lunch, I cooked (super proud lang naman ng bongga sa naluto kahit simple lang) my mee with lots of veggies, shrimps, mushroom balls and fish cubes. Sobrang naenjoy ko yung food ko.

Eto na ang nakakaloka. Dahil  I thought of rewarding myself for the disiplina and consistency in pageehersisyo at diet, napabili ako ng MAGNUM. Yes, MAGNUM, almond. So yon, kumain ako ng bonggang Magnum ng hapon.

Sa kabila niyan, nawala ang guilt feeling dahil bongga rin exercise ko sa hapon. Super pawis talaga.

Dinner time na and I wasn’t able to resist the call of eating a fried fish with ensalada. So,di na ako nagpapigil pa. Kumain ako with some brown rice. Kamusta naman ang mantika di ba? As I was eating na talagang ineenjoy ko, I promised myself to exercise more the next day.


I realized that my weekend was packed with rewards. Merong healthy at meron ding di dapat gaya ng nakakatabang Ice cream. Then again, in my mind, I thought that “once in while” treats would also be good. At least hindi naman bonggang na-de-deprive ang sarili. Mahirap din yung maging super matakam and hindi patikimin.

In terms of the effects on my body, mejo nasasanay na rin na hindi puros brown rice ang food. May noodles with fresh veggies. Basta more on gulay. And that’s my source of energy.At kapag nakafeel ng gutom, hello there bananas!

As of writing, I’m now on my 14th day. Meaning, two weeks na ako on my fitness challenge. Super happy ako at nakikita ko na ang changes.


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