Monday, March 19, 2012


Hindi ako makapaniwala. Hindi ako makapaniwala. Parang yan ang bet kong linya to sing for my bonggang sipag at dedikasyon sa aking 30-day fitness challenge. I mean, isn't it amazing to commit yourself into something and you can really see the changes in your body, isama mo na rin ang mind and soul.

So yesterday was my 14th day of my 30-day fitness challenge. As of writing, I'm now on my 15th. Meaning, 15 days to go and I'm gonna complete my challenge.

Yesterday was just a same same day. However, at night, I got so busy with what I was reading that I forgot to eat. At 10, I immediately boiled some bananas and ate. Kung hindi pa kumulo tiyan ko, di ako mapapakain.

Read on to know how I'm coping with this 30-day fitness challenge.

Losing weight can sometimes be draining. You can't just eat whatever you want. You have to be consistent in exercising despite the tiring times. And it's very challenging to choose a healthy food whenever you eat in restaurants; you just have to be picky. In all of these must-do in a fitness programme, yes, it's draining at times. However on a positive note, once you get used to your routines and you see the results, you become motivated. That's what I'm feeling right now.

It was hearing three consecutive comments of "Uy, tumataba ka," and some evident katabaan in my pictures that propelled me to undergo my 30-day fitness challenge. On top of that, since I lost track of my exercising for the past weeks and I felt that my jeans are getting tight on me, and so I end the hiatus on a laid-back life.

The first few days are the hardest part in any challenge. Just like when I move in Brunei to work, I have to adjust. And so with this new task on loosing weight, there's no other to fulfill such mission but to act and discipline oneself.

Yesterday, it was my 14th day. And I'm happy to share with you that another kilo was eliminated in my body. Kudos to my dedication on this fitness journey. I'm not even paying gym fees to get this result. It's all a matter of conditioning oneself to eat right and exercise.

They say that it's a rollercoaster ride to loose weight. That's because you have to buy healthy foods. For some, they go for some organic items. For some, they enroll themselves to the gym. Then again, everything fails once a delectable dish from a gathering seduces one's appetite. While it's okay to spend on food and gym fees, what's frustrating is to trash all your hardwork because of one night that you "pigged" out. That I guess will definitely cost you a lot.

It's okay to eat or reward yourself from time to time. But to starve yourself is not good. Take note that loosing weight is not about depriving your body with the energy it needs. And so the solution is to eat right.

I'm not thinking of losing weight, especially a lot, in one go. This 30-day fitness challenge is just a primer to straighten my acts on eating and exercising. Once I'm already adjusted to it, it will definitely be lifetime commitment.

I eat right, that's my idea of a good element in losing weight. In the morning, I eat some bread and an apple. For lunch, I eat a small portion of brown rice with either veggies and a fish. And at night, right after working out, I only eat boiled bananas. I also grab one slice of bread if I feel that my tummy needs more. On this line-up, I am now adjusted on eating what is needed and not that I want such as sweets and other fattening food.

On a more positive effect, I can feel that a shirt that's used to be so masikip to me has become loose already. And my bilbil, yes, they're starting to say goodbye. Soon, I can wear my old jeans Gaya ng sabi ko, para silang mga nangungupahan na kailangan ng paalisin dahil hindi na nakakatulong o pabigat na puso't isipan.

As of writing, I'm on my 15th day. Yahoo! I'm half way. So with, there'll be no stopping. I am even more motivated to finish what I've started.

Once I finish this 30-day Fitness challenge, I am proceeding to another fitness challenge. And this time, I am thinking of a 60-day fitness challenge. Road to 65 Kilos, that's the goal! Wish me luck!

So if you're losing hope on losing weight, cheer up. As long as you live, you can always find a way to say goodbye to those fats by eating healthy and exercising. Motivation shall be your key on this.

Step up on a healthy path, now na!

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