Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm now on the second half of my 30-day fitness challenge. Yesterday was my 16th day. I seriously couldn't be more happy upon realizing that. Parang kailan lang ay I stepped on day 1. But now, I'm really almost there.

Yesterday was just an ordinary day yet I was packed with temptations. As I didn't bring a home-cooked meal for lunch and I opted to eat in a nearby restaurant, choosing a healthy food was just challenging. And yes, I had to say no to eating white rice.

Positively, despite the temptation to eat white rice and have a dessert after, I enjoyed a healthy yet light meal.

Read on to know more about this mapiling pahirapan sa pagkain.

 I've been bringing home-cooked meals for lunch for the past two days. And so yesterday, Wednesday, I opted to take a breather. I went out during lunch and eat in a nearby restaurant.
As I was on my way to the restaurant, I was already thinking of what to eat. In my mind, it's been weeks now since I ate my favourite buttered chicken paired with a cold Tea C Special. Then again the thought bubble vanished as I shifted my focus on being healthy and fit. Sa totoo lang ang hirap magexercise at magpapayat at hindi ko naman puedeng basta ilamon na lang ito.

The moment I got my spot in a restaurant, I checked on the menu. The meal with all the white rice was calling me. Actually, all of the images in the menu were flirting with me. They're like saying, masarap ako! However, because I was sooooo focused on loosing weight, I picked the wet fried mee with chicken and the siomai. For the drinks, I had a cold iced lemon tea.

Wet Fried Mee with Chicken


I was delighted with what I ordered. The wet fried mee with chicken was delicious. Paired with a siomai, my lunch was well celebrated. However, I didn't finish the fried mee. I was full.

After eating lunch, I just walked for 20 minutes as to burn the food that I put in my food. Soon, I was back in the office.

I didn't have a snack when I came back to my work station. Instead, I just drank lots of water. Tubig kung tubig.

After work, I went home and did my exercise. I jogged for 30 minutes, I danced for 10 minutes and I did some light sit ups.

The moment I was finished with my routine, dinner came and I craved for a heavy meal. Positively, my mind shifted on eating the usual - plain bananas and one piece of pandesal.

As I was eating my dinner, I realized that I'm used already to this kind of diet. Di na umiinit ulo ko kahit sa gabi and I don't get hungry easily. Mas bongga pa at super pawis pa habang kumakain. Para akong nasa sauna sa room ko.

When I hit the sack, kumulo tiyan ko. In my mind, I was dreaming of eating the meal that I cooked for the next day, which is adobo and some brown rice. Surprisingly, biglang nawala sa isip ko ang craving. I just drank some water and yes, I was able to sleep.


Guess what, the next day, day 17 (Today, as I'm writing this), I'm now able to wear my pinakamasikip na polo. Indeed, I can see and feel positive results.


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