Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hindi na nga talaga mapigilan ang pamamayagpag ng aking 30-day Fitness Challenge. Yahoo, I'm now on my 17th day. And that was yesterday. As of writing, aba, I'm on my 18th day na. Believe it or not, I've already lost 4 kilos!

Since kahapon I'm on my 17th day, I was just so motivated to complete my 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Sobrang motibasyon at inspirasyon dahil muli ko ng nasuot ang masikip kong polo. Imagine, after 17 days, I looooose some kilos already!

Now let me share with you how my day went yesterday.

It had been days since I upgraded my exercise schedule in the morning. Since day 14, I started to exercise at 5:30 in the morning. Yes, Taichi pa rin.
Yesterday, kahit super antok na antok ako, talagang nilabanan ko ito at bumangon ako ng maaga. I stretched, did some Taichi walk and some breathing exercise. By 7 in the morning, I was done.

Meanwhile, after exercising, I prepared my home cooked meal for lunch. Soon, I was back in my room and I was preparing to go to work.

When I was choosing what clothes to wear at work, I tried to pick up my old polo (my favorite) and wore it. I was surprised. Nagkasya na ulit at hindi na masikip sa akin. Imagine dati, nag-gy-gym na ako, hindi ko masuot ng maayos yung polo. Masikip na at para akong suman na ibos.

So yesterday was a shocking truth. Indeed, pumapayat na nga ako.  I observed especially within my tummy area and chest, yes, lumiliit na nga. Bongga rin coz my arms eh nabawasan na rin. With this, talagang super happy ako!

In the morning, my boss asked me to go to the Philippine Embassy to renew my passport. Since I was not yet having my breakfast, I thought, I'll just buy a bread somewhere. However, upon thinking the fattening effect of butter, cheese and all the ingredients in a bread, I opted to bring my apple and eat it.

In the Philippine Embassy, I had my picture taken for the passport renewal. As I checked my picture, I said to myself, thank God at pumayat na ako dahil hindi na masyadong bilugan ang mukha ko. Buti na lang kasi mejo matagal-tagal din babalandra ang mukhang ito sa passport.

As soon as I finished my passport renewal, I went back to work. Super pansin ko lang na very light ang feeling ko and busog with the apple.

Lunch came and I enjoyed my bonggang home cooked meal: chicken adobo without the skin. After eating, I went out to do some grocery. I bought a pack of brown rice, almonds, and tuna in mineral water. Sounds weird yung tuna in mineral water pero binili ko pa rin. Sounds healthy rin kasi.

Afternoon walked in and I had some almonds for snacks. And as time moved fast, I found myself exercising in my room. Kaloka lang coz di ko napansin ang orasan. Yan, late na ako sa choir practice kaya di na ako naka-attend.

I had three slices of rye (non-fat) bread and one slice of cheese. For dessert, I had two china oranges. I also had some almonds on the side.


I've gone this far of my 30-day Fitness challenge. Super ang bilis ng panahon. At mas bongga, nakita ko rin ang pagbabago sa aking katawan.Now after this challenge, I will really make my way to reach my ideal weight which is 65 Kilos. I know I can make it. Kung kinaya ko nga ito, bakit hindi ko kakayanin yon.

I'm taking my time to loose weight. Basta laging nasa isip ko, eat healthy and exercise daily. Iniwasan ko na rin ang mga mamantikang pagkain. At siempre, super iwas sa matatamis. If I crave for something sweet, a fruit is a great substitute.

On top of that, indeed, disiplina ang kailangan.Yes, masarap kumain, puede naman pero unti lang. At the end of the day, no one can help ourselves to be healthy and fit kundi ang ating mga sarili. 

It's time for you to make your way to a healthy path. Eat right and exercise daily. Find time to exercise. Enough of the procrastination.  Believe me, sa umpisa lang mahirap, pero pag nasanay ka na, hahanapin na ng katawan mo ang healthy living!

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