Friday, March 23, 2012


I rewarded myself on my 18th day. That's the katotohanan para naman mapasiya ko ang aking sarili ko sa kabila ng nakaka-drain at uber challenging na 30-day Fitness Challenge na ito.

As you all know, sobrang happy lang, that yesterday was my 18th Day with my 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Meaning to say, twelve days to go and I'm done with this challenge. But as I mentioned in my previous entries, there will be a Season 2 and it's gonna be called Road to 65! Yes, the ideal weight for my height is 65 Kilos. At the moment, I'm at 72 kilos na out of the initial 76 Kilos. Sino ang hindi maloloka sa bigat ko.

 As I always say, I'm doing this fitness challenge not only to get a bonggang body but at the top most is to be healthy. Dahil nga lapitin ang pamilya ng Highblood, diabetes and gout, it is best to go for prevention rather than cure.

I rewarded myself; that's this entry's all about. So now, read on.

I never thought that I will make it this far. Imagine, I've been exercising and undergoing a strict diet for 18 days, as of yesterday. And today, I'm on my 19th.
Yesterday was just an ordinary day. I had the usual food. I also had the usual routines in exercising: get up early, do Taichi and jog, dance and stretch in the afternoon.

But what made added a twist on my usual day was when I bought a reward for myself. Since my officemates and I were out for an ocular inspection of an upcoming event which we are tasked to coordinate for one of our clients, we passed by at Each-A-Cup and I ordered my ever favourite Pearl Milk Tea.

As I drank my super sarap na Pearl Milk Tea, surprisingly, I didn't feel any guilt as I know at the back of my mind, kaya kong i-burn agad ang sweet drink paguwi. Di tulad kung kakain ng cake, ice cream or kanin, super pahirapan.

After I finished my Pearl Milk Tea, I felt na parang bumigat ang tiyan ko. Parang di na ako sanay at parang gusto kong isuka yung drink. OA much? 

I drank lots of water after my enjoyable Pearl Milk Tea session. Soon, I was back in the office and I went home.

At home, as usual, I jogged, danced and stretched for cooling down.

Meanwhile, dinner came and I had bananas. Yes, nilagang saging lang ang pagkain ko.  

So last night, I pondered on what are the benefits of eating bananas. I checked a website and found out that Bananas help us or prevent Depression, PMS, Anemia, Reduce Blood Pressure, Combat constipation, heatburn, hangovers, ulcers, and a lot more. On top of that, research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute work out. Interesting right?

With this, I encourage you to incorporate eating bananas in your diet.Also, try brown rice as a substitute for the white one. Mejo pricey nga lang ang brown rice pero madali ka namang mabubusog.

So after I worked out, I took some photos of my body, just to show how I'm progressing with this challenge. Take a look at my photos below and you'll see that I've lost a few kilos. Although I'm still malapad, I know I can slim down more, especially on the Love Handles area. I should focus on that area.
Side Shot! Yes, a flat tummy!
Problem Area: Love Handles! Got to loose that!
 Twelve days to and I'm done with my 30-day fitness challenge. Honestly, I'm very motivated to loose more. Indeed, my 30-day fitness challenge is a life changing move. I've really made my way on getting on the a healthy path!

72 Kilos for The Win!

Website information on Benefits of Eating Bananas:

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